Farm City Fun.

Last night's Farm City Rodeo was definitely one for the books....

The grand entry was fast and well timed,
A local favorite did a great job singing the National Anthem,
The crowd was excited as the bareback riders found their timing,
And tie-down ropers went to work on the calves. 

But then things got a little western...
The wind picked up, dust began to blow and lighting lit up the sky.
We'd had a warning of thunderstorms, but we live in Hermiston.

Thunderstorms in the summer are not exactly a new thing here,
but no one could remember them ever affecting the rodeo.

Last night, they did.

The newspaper called it the "Hermi-Cane".

And so they called the rodeo.  

At first the crowd booed, but as the rain began to pelt and the wind whipped, I think people realized we were in for a bit of a storm.  The crowd was directed to head into the high school gym which is right behind the rodeo grounds.  We took a different approach - and watched & waited out the storm in the arena sheltered behind a piece of plywood over the exit in the arena.  Another local ranching family the Currin's had the same idea, and we visited with ourselves pressed against the vertical sheet of protecting plywood, as rain flew sideways over our heads.

An hour later, it was all over and the rodeo was back in business!

Luckily the arena was well drained, and they went right to steer wrestling and the remaining events.

Travis Carnine

Blake Knowles

Jake Stanley

Trevor Brazile

I don't know how the rain affected the arena or the cowboys, but our seats were dry and the majority of the crowd came back for a fun evening watching our local favorites, and a few non-locals.

Thanks Mike & Jill for sharing your box with us - we're looking forward to another evening of fun tonight!


  1. Your pictures make me feel like I hardly missed it at all! Thanks for sharing!

    My mom said that after 4 years of having to worry over me in Kansas storms, that one just made her roll her eyes :)


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