Finding the gate.

There is a beauty in the hustle & bustle.

It may not be apparent right at first...
And it may look a lot like work and chaos and frustration.
But like a cow who's lost track of her calf doesn't quit until she's found it -
We will keep perservering.

Because once the calves are paired up, and the gate is found -
The hustle & bustle dies down and peace & content are what remains.

It's about finding the gate.

Life is about living, and dreaming, and seeing, and believing.
It's about not knowing what is in front of you, or what is to come - but going forth anyways.
It's about entering a tunnel and moving towards a light that at first seems so small, but at the end pours glorious sunshine all over you.

It's about trusting that there's a gate out there and it's got your name on it.
Anything worth doing, will involve a little or most likely {a lot} of hard work.

So we work on.
But we're also dreaming on, believing on and living on.

We're out finding the gate.

With the determination that this hustle & bustle will reap big rewards.
I just know that there's a gate out there with our name on it -  and that we're going to find it.

Happy Wednesday friends;

May our wanderings and workings and lives find us all to our gates. 


  1. beautiful pictures!! and words ... LOVE you and the sunshine you captured!!


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