Happiness is a field of white.

Summer sunshine and Charolais cattle make me happy.

I should probably post more pictures of the Charolais, but of all of the cattle at the ranch, our small herd sometimes gets lost in the shuffle when it comes to shutter clicks. 

But the other day I had hurried into Stanfield to pick up breakfast, and on my way back to the ranch I stopped to see how the calves were growing.  They were all gathered right by the fence along the road and the sun was just breaking over the horizon.  Soft, golden light flooded the field and the calves were pretty curious about me and my camera.  I shot a few frames, spent a few minutes looking over the calves who I thought were growing well, and then headed to the corrals to deliver breakfast and continue with my day. 

I have a tendency to rush things. 

This trait that I like to call efficiency often comes in handy, but I also need to remember that it's ok to stand in one place and bask in what surrounds you. 

We don't have to make life complicated or hurried.

Here's to creating more moments of being surrounded by the things that bring happiness.

On this morning, it was our cattle and a flood of sunlight. 

(All photos edited with HDR + Lomo in Picasa)


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