Rested & a weekend in the Wallowa's.

I woke up feeling so rested this morning.

It was awesome.  And a blessing.  And probably a result of us getting 8 hours of sleep last night.  Ha!

I guess we should try that more often.

After a busy week at the ranch (exciting things are happening!) we spent a restful weekend in the Wallowa's gathering cows, sorting off and putting back stray pairs, fixing fence and pregging.  I took my camera but found myself either driving the rhino or on a horse (I know!  I actually rode - and even enjoyed it!) so wrangling a camera wasn't really in the cards.

After we'd pregged and pushed the cows back up the mountain to fresh grass, I whipped out my cell phone and snapped a few shots on the way back down to the trailers. 

Sweaty, no makeup - but living the dream!

Austin - Manning the front seat like a champion!

Chance & Katie - they really earned their keep this weekend.

The dogs did so good and were a big help, but by the time we'd gotten everything pushed back to the top of the mountain, they were pooped and ready for a ride back down in the rhino.  I stopped by the irrigation ditch at the bottom and let them swim and cool off and then everyone was happy, happy, happy.

We loaded the horses, and headed home with a trailer of cows that had been sorted off to go to the sale.  On the way home we hit hail & rain at the top of Meacham (like so much that I turned on the hazard lights and slowed down to follow a semi that was going 40 mph) and hoped that maybe we had gotten a similar storm at home - and we did!  We drove thru puddles standing in our driveway at 7:15 and it was the best feeling.

We were home AND it had rained.  So after unloading the cows in a pasture, putting away the horses and unloading the pickup....we promptly went to bed.  

I hope you all had a bit of rest this weekend too!


  1. Beautiful country. Glad you too the time for the dogs to get a quick dip. Where was Leo?

  2. He started out with the group, but found a deer and started chasing it. I think he has ADD, lol. He met back up with us at the trailers when we were finished.


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