Road trippin'

The cows at Double M take a lot of road trips during the summer months.

High intensity, short duration grazing requires that you move groups of cattle often, and with as many groups as there are at the ranch, this is a daily occurence for the guys.  This is old hat to the cows and they are very accustomed to being moved, because they know that the grass is usually greener on the other side of the gate.  If it means they have to trot a little ways to get there, they're usually pretty happy to do so and move along at a rapid clip.

On this day, we were preconditioning our personal set of Charolais calves, and sorting some ranch bull calfs that needed to be cut.  So before they got moved to a new pasture, we made a pit stop at the corrals to do some sorting and processing.

There was a lot of help that morning (Clint, Jack & Duane were all there to move this small group) so I got to step back and take pictures before turning the group in at the gate to the corrals.

Duane's the 'point' man today. :)

The Char's are in the lead!

I've been spotted.

302!  How are you?

Clint & Jack brought up the rear and went to work sorting....

And while the guys try not to move cattle at night, sometimes it has to happen. 
When it does, we make sure we have lots of help to stop traffic.
This group was getting worked first thing the next morning, so Clint needed to move them to the holding pasture that is right next to the corrals.

That pasture was right down the road from where they'd been and this wasn't their first road trip.  Out the gate, a few hundred yards down the road and they were right where they needed to be to be pregged first thing the next morning.
Next time you feel the need to take a road trip....

Give us a call! 

I bet we could use your help.

(And thanks to Terry & Anna who helped us with a night move last week - we appreciated your great help!)


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