Splish Splashing.

I just love that our friends have kids, and let us be involved in their lives. 

Truly.  It's a blessing.

We took a break from some things at the ranch last Thursday evening and headed to a birthday party for Justin & Jenny's girls.

One thing I love about Jenny is that she keeps things low maintenance and simple - she doesn't get too wrapped up on little things and always keeps the big picture - HAVING FUN - in mind when it comes to gatherings.  I bet a few of us (finger pointed at myself) could take a lesson there.  For instance - instead of trying to figure out a complicated main entree to serve, she picked up a big 'ole box of fried chicken and the guests went to town.  I can't remember the last time I had fried chicken, but it was so good.  Like finger lickin' good.

Justin's mom and her husband live in a beautiful house out at Hat Rock on the Columbia River and for the past 5 years they've opened their home and pool for a birthday party for the girls.  (Cid and Cameron's birthdays are actually in the winter months, but they have a pool party every summer to celebrate.) 

Splish Splashing.  

It was the best way we could have enjoyed a Thursday evening in Hermiston. 

Thank you Estes Family!


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