Starting them early.

Clint called me on my way home from work this week and asked if I could take the exit before ours and come help move some pairs down the road.   Jack, Deana & Teagan were there too to help, and Clint had brought Jug along so that Teagan could get some riding in.

I think it took a little bit of convincing at first, but she hung in there and came back to the gate waving & smiling. 

Jack went ahead of the cows and directed the pairs into the next pasture, while Clint and Deana pushed from behind, and Teagan & I brought up the rear with the trailer.  (We didn't want Teagan riding on the road.) 

She is a busy little 2 year old, so while I was driving, she took command of the camera and captured the pictures below....

It was a nice evening - and a good experience for Teagan.  She was pretty tuckered out after a long day of helping on the ranch, but hung in there like a champ! We think starting kids early riding is important (otherwise you end up like me! ha!) and it's fun when everyone involved is supportive of giving her a good start horseback.

  Hopefully she'll continue to love riding and gathering her COOOWWWSS!!!
(as she so loves to scream/holler/call to them in that cute way that only a 2 year old with a very strong voice can)
and have many years of riding in her future.


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