The post I wanted to title....

"I like big butts, and I cannot lie."

Just being honest. ;)

Big butts really are a good thing, at least on cattle!

I really like to photograph this group of cows because of the contrast of the red cattle, and I was glad I had my camera handy when we moved them to a new pasture last weekend.

The calves are really getting big, and the dogs did a great job bringing the group to the gate and helping us move them down the lane.

You can't see them, but the dogs are in the back working to bring the cattle to us at the gate.

Once Clint opens the gate, the cattle rush thru....they know they're headed to new pasture.

The dogs made sure every last one made it thru the gate.

Down the road they went....

Another group moved!


  1. What's so wrong with big butts on women too? Just kidding! Love the pictures!

  2. Love all your photos and your post on showing.


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