Monday, September 30, 2013

See 'ya September

Weddings and friendships and laughter and love.
Travel and vacations and rodeos and work and play.
Calving and new babies and freshly weaned calves and doctoring.
Tears and chest pounding and worry and anxiety.
Grace and understanding and knowing looks and even more grace.

September has been a bag of tricks - the good, the bad, and the ugly.
But grace and friendship and love have abounded.

Love matters.
It really, truly, absolutely does - the greatest thing each of us can do in this lifetime is to live a life of love.

See ya September - hopefully again next year, with all of your beauty and lessons again.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

A tool that has four legs.

At lunch today we were watching a DVR'ed show about ranching on RFD-TV, and they were talking about how horses are a valued tool on a ranch.

 Horses to some people are pets and a part of their family, and while we absolutely care about our horses, that's what they are here - a tool that gets used and developed.

Clint is really talented with horses, and enjoys riding and developing horses.  He likes good looking horses, that are of quality, and able to work and have a keen mind. 

But at the end of the day - they are a tool.

And we're glad that each one of them is in our tool box.

Pistol - our yearling colt - and Butterscotch - a full sister to our stud horse - hanging out together.
They're still a bit young to ride, but are looking like good prospects for the future!

Pistol Pete - He is getting big and is turning roan just like his mother Peg.

Jug - He's older and has earned his time spent out to pasture.  But when we need a parade horse, or a horse for a child to ride - he's our man.
Twist - our stud horse.  His foot is healing really well, and Clint's back to riding him.  He's a gentle guy who likes to get out and go work.

Spook - Clint's putting a few days on her for a friend.  She's a quirky little mare, but works hard and can go all day.

I had to throw these in -
Last week Clint had Spook & Twist penned next to each other....
(Twist is a stud horse, Spook is an intact mare)
And Twist was like a teenage boy trying to impress the girl next him!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This & that.

A few random thoughts/a list/rambling (ha!) before life takes over....

1. I love posting on this blog, but unfortunately this week I won't be able to spend much time here.   I told a friend on Facebook this morning that I hate using "We're just so busy" as an excuse, but this week - it's the honest to goodness truth.

2. I am by no means a professional photographer.  Like at all.  And I don't think I ever really want to be one - taking photos for myself is fun and carefree.  Taking photos for others, who are expecting you to produce a level of quality that they have paid for is stressful, and probably not in the cards for me and best left to the professionals.  {Insert my huge love for Shannon Boettcher and her work here!}

With that being said... I do have two friends who are also co-workers who didn't get as many non-traditional poses as they would have liked during their wedding, and since the price was {free} and the only thing they had to lose was their time - we took a stab at a few sunset shots and I have officially found a new place that I love to take pictures at. A BIG thank you to Lindsay for letting me borrow a lens of hers - I am kind of in love with it and the images it let me take.  Thanks L1! 

But taking these re-inforced my thoughts above that I will not be a professional photographer any time soon.....but it did let me grow a little, and that's always a good thing.

3. I'm headed to Wallowa for a meeting tomorrow, and there isn't any Wi-Fi or 3G there.  But there will be great co-workers and hopefully a very productive work session.

4. Clint has had 86 calves in past last ten days (or so) and I finalized over 200 CRP contracts at the office last week.  I think that about sums up why our life is kind of crazy right now. 

5. Just a reminder to myself - and if you'd like one too - kindness matters

"In a world full of people who couldn't care less,
 be someone who could care more."
- Unknown

Have a great week friends! 

Please know that you are loved, important, and that you matter.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday.

1. Hermiston Architecture.

We live in a rural community.  And I love the community that we live in - but we keep things pretty simple here.

So I absolutely had to laugh when I drove thru the McDonald's drive-thru last Saturday morning and saw these rock piles.  Someone had taken A LOT of time to make these puppies.

It was too bad they didn't withstand the wind storm the next day.

2. Wind.
The sky had been blue right before I took this picture.  It's not poor's a wall of dirt coming at us at 70 mph.

Speaking of wind - holy buckets of wind last weekend!  We're still picking up branches off the yard, and finding shingles that blew off but for the most part have things pretty well picked up.  Like our neighbors, the ranch Clint works for had 2 circles of hay down that both blew away.  They didn't ever find the alfalfa....but they did find the grass hay.  It was a half mile down the road, piled up in a fence and strewn about for 150 yards.  I think they got to bale most of it - and hopefully this winter we won't find any {surprises} when it's being fed to cows!

3. Baby calves.

Clint is still calving fall cows.  No surprise, right. :)  Things have been going smoother - but the masses have realized it's calving time and he has been getting  a lot of calves a day.  That's the beauty of synchronized AI though, and it should mean that numbers will drop off here in about a week giving him a little break before the second cycle takes off.

4. CRP

I'm headed into work here for a few hours, even though it's my Friday off.  The CRP deadline is today and we still have a boatload of contracts to enter into our system before the deadline tonight.

5. College Reunion.

After work, I'm headed to the valley this weekend to spend time with my college roommates and friends!  I'm sure there will be lots of visiting, baby holding, catching up and memory re-living going on and I can't wait!

Dairy Club Tour - 2003 - Can't wait to see these girls!

Happy Friday friends!  

May your weekend be filled with friendship & laughter, and maybe a few interesting rock piles to look at.  :)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

When amazing is right in front of you.

He is amazing.

And I'm am daily amazed that he is mine to love, protect, have and hold.

I love you Clint. 

So much more than text on a page could ever capture.
You are amazing, and I am so thankful I get to call you my husband.


Amazing is right in front of you too.

....go tell someone today how amazing they are to you....

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall calving.

Ranching is a series of cycles.
Sometimes those cycles are planned and can be prepared for, and others cannot.

I've had a hard time believing it....
But it's September and that means it's calving time again at Double M.
Fall AI calves and Fall ET calves have been hitting the ground since last week.

Clint says the first week and the last week of calving are always the hardest.
This year that saying has especially rang true.

Clint thinks a lot of the problems have stemmed from the unusually high temperatures we had last week....we had a lot of calves born early or prematurely.  Some lived, others didn't.  I know Clint was frustrated because he was dealing with something {weather} that he couldn't control - and it was causing such chaos.  But he is a trooper, a hard HARD worker, and I am so proud of the cattleman he is.

The first week is under Clint's belt now, so hopefully the remaining weeks go smoother.  Healthy calves, fewer difficulties and cows that look after their calves are what we're wishing for this week.

Happy Wednesday friends!

May your week be filled with blessings, cooler temperatures and if you're calving - healthy babies!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Series.

I present to you....

"Darcy can click the shutter multiple times quickly."

Stay with me friends.  It will be worth it! :)


I like to title this series - 

"Going, Going....Gone!"

This one, I call....

"Never Leave Your Wingman!"

This series was definitely a crowd pleaser:

"I had him.  And then I didn't.  And then I did again! But the darn judge wouldn't give me a time!"

And this one I like to think of as....

"Friends for life....and we're even more fun after a few beers!"

This series is probably - no most definitely - my favorite.

Let 'Er Buck friends....Let 'Er Buck!