A Series.

I present to you....

"Darcy can click the shutter multiple times quickly."

Stay with me friends.  It will be worth it! :)


I like to title this series - 

"Going, Going....Gone!"

This one, I call....

"Never Leave Your Wingman!"

This series was definitely a crowd pleaser:

"I had him.  And then I didn't.  And then I did again! But the darn judge wouldn't give me a time!"

And this one I like to think of as....

"Friends for life....and we're even more fun after a few beers!"

This series is probably - no most definitely - my favorite.

Let 'Er Buck friends....Let 'Er Buck!


  1. Who is taking the pictures of you and Lindsey? They are awesome! I especially like the one of you waving your arm in the air giving the peace sign. Fun times :)

  2. Love the fun photos of you and Lindsey.

  3. I'm pretty sure either my sister, or friend Maddie was taking the pictures of L1 and myself....whoever it was, they did good! :)


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