Monday Slack.

It's Let 'Er Buck time in the Round Up City!

The Pendleton Round Up kicked off yesterday with Monday slack for steer trippers and barrel racers.

The Knott family - Mick, Toni, Sami, Jenni & Jessi and grandkids - are here this week from Hyannis, Nebraska (Clint's hometown) and so I went down to the Round Up grounds yesterday afternoon after work to watch Mick go.

Mick & Toni got here last week - the girls & grandkid's surprised their dad by showing up Saturday to cheer him on!  His first words when he saw them were "Who's back at home running the ranch?!?" 


Mick didn't get a time - darn it - but it was fun to watch him and we're headed back to slack today to watch his second run.

Let 'Er Buck!


  1. Glad you shared I had no idea Mick entered out there.


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