And the calves keep coming.

But at least they're coming a little bit slower now.

I tagged two last night, and one this morning. (Clint and Jesse are in Wallowa moving cows there, so I stayed home to take care of the twins at the barn and watch the fall calvers.)

My three calves born this weekend have been a far cry from the 10-15 calves a day Clint was tagging for awhile.

The fall cows at Double M are synchronized before they're bred, so we get spurts of calves every 21 days.  The breeding season is short here (about 45 days) which makes calving go that much more quickly.  So while there are still cows calving, there's less than 25% of them left.  Which means a large majority of them either accepted their embryo, or were bred AI which was a great way to start the fall season.

I was out earlier this week taking pictures of the AI & ET babies and will post those in a day or two.  They are cute!  And thick.  And stout.  And growing fast, which is exactly what we want them to do!

Once we have these final few fall cows calved, we'll be done calving until January when the spring cows start!


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