Last weekend we weaned our Charolais calves.  They'd been pre-conditioned, so it was just a matter of giving an additional booster shot, weighing each calf individually, worming them and separating them from the cows.  We utilized fence line weaning (where the cows & calves can still see/smell each other, but are physically separated by a fence, so the calves can't nurse) and besides one bull calf jumping out - we were pretty successful.  The calves were fed a pelleted preconditioning feed and given unlimited access to grass forage to help them transition. 

After a week, the calves were ready to be moved away from the cows into a new pasture.  We keep them in a pen right behind our house, so it's easy to monitor them.  The fence line weaning did the trick - after we moved them home and away from the cows on Sunday, there wasn't any bawling.  Peaceful sleeping has definitely been a blessing these past two nights. 

Last I checked....{bawling calves} isn't a setting on any white noise machines I know of. 

Now it's just a matter of figuring out what heifers we want to keep as replacements, shipping the steers, and marketing the bull calves.  We're happy with the 2013 calf crop, and looking forward to watching them develop.

Success is reason enough.


  1. Those "babies" dont look like babies! Nice job team!

    And...as always, great photo.


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