#30DaysofThanks - Week 4

Day 22 - My job.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I buy a lottery ticket every so often, but until I hit the big one, I'm very thankful for my job. (I know, I know my chances of winning the lottery are like 1 in a 100 million trillion, but I play anyway - it's only a buck. And you can't win if you don't play!)  But I do enjoy my job, the people I get to work with, and the lifestyle it affords us.  

Day 23 - Warm clothing.
It's been chilly here in Eastern Oregon these past few weeks, and when you spend a lot of time outside like we do, it's nice to have warm clothing that keeps the chill out.  My hooded purple work jacket with its nice soft lining (Christmas gift from Clint last year) fits like a glove and is so warm on brisk, chilly days.

Day 24 - Family.
We celebrated Thanksgiving early with my family, and headed to my mom's house last weekend.  She cooked a wonderful turkey dinner (brined using PW's recipe) and great sides.  But before we ate, Shawn, Lindsay & Henry gave my mom an early Christmas present....the guys knocked down a patio/overhead structure she wanted gone, and Lindsay put the leaf blower to work cleaning up the yard.  I sat inside on the couch and watched it all happen.  ;)

Day 25 -Kleenex.
I don't know what hit me - but I came down with the worst cold this week.  But we had a full agenda, so I was thankful for lots of Kleenex, and some strong Tylenol Cold medicine.

Day 26 - Great help.
We bred the second set of Thomas/LGW cows Tuesday, and it went well again.  Just over a hundred cows bred in an hour flat.  I'm working on a post with more pictures, but for now - here's one of a pretty great crew.

Day 27 - Safe travels.
We got into Lewistown, Montana pretty late Wednesday night (technically Thursday morning) but the roads were good, traffic wasn't too congested and that is definitely something to be thankful for when you're traveling thru four states on the day before Thanksgiving.

Day 28 - This life.
We're so blessed.  Seriously.  On Thanksgiving, I'm so thankful for all that I have - the best husband, a great family, awesome friends, a lifestyle I love, a job I enjoy going to, four dogs that can't be loved on enough, and a content heart.  We're living the dream, and I know enough to be thankful for that.


I kind of like this method of posting, so even though November is coming to a close, don't be surprised if you keep seeing posts similar to this one. 
Want to join me?

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Safe travels, Darcy! Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. We had a traditional dinner with J's side of the family and lots of good visiting.

    I am Thankful to be at home full time working with my husband and cattle. I have been home 13 months and have learned a lot about ranching and working day in and day out with my Husband.

    Warm clothing makes a world of difference. I am surprised at how much cold I can take. Morning temps in the upper teens or 20's is not bad, IF the wind is not blowing.

    I bet your Mom was glad to have the extra hands to help with her project.

    I hope you get over your cold. Not fun.

    Good help doing cattle work is a blessing. We worked the first calf heifers of J's Cousin on Wednesday. We had an awesome crew and great weather.

    Hope you can get some rest this weekend and feel better soon.

  2. Hope you are staying warm today! A bit chilly here in Missouri for the middle of November, but those warm chore clothes sure do help! Came over from the Country Fair Blog Party! Has been a while since I have been to your blog and so glad that I came over!
    Laurie - Country Link


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