Double M Sale Barn - The Before.

As I told a friend earlier this week.....

"Stuff is about to get real here at Double M. "

In July or August, we started tossing the idea of building a sale barn around.  A partnership that feeds bulls at Top Cut asked if we would host their bull sale, and when the ranch agreed at first, we thought we'd just use the shop and 'make it work'.  But Patsy & Mike jumped on board and decided that a sale barn & working facilities would be a good addition to the ranch infrastructure.  And if we were going to do it - we figured we might as well do it right and build something everyone could be proud of, and that would be multi-faceted.  So on top of everything else going on, this fall was filled with getting bids, working budgets, getting new bids, meeting over ideas, measuring distances, figuring out road blocks and finally making decisions.  

After a lot of consideration (and a lot of bids), we decided to go with a steel building.  Yes it's more expensive in the short term, but we feel the quality of the building will be worth it in the long term.  Plus, we're building a 60' wide building, and that gets tough to do with a pole building. (It can be done though.)  A fall special on steel buildings sent us over the edge, and we're in the final planning stages of finalizing the building and hopefully the structure will ship later this month.  

I had planned to document the process of erecting the building, so this morning when I realized that Nate was going to town on the demolition of the fences next to our house, I ran outside in a pair of shorts & t-shirt so I could get some pictures taken.  He was working fast - tonight the two pens next to our house and all of our front fence is GONE.  Torn apart, nails pulled & stacked on trucks.  The guys worked fast today, but I was able to get a few before shots.  

The power company is headed out tomorrow to let us know how we'll bury the overhead power lines, and the guys should be able to finish tearing down the rest of the fence.  Then Jack will come in and begin to level the area, and slope the roadway edge so that we can create parking.  I just realized this morning as I was watching the crew out the kitchen window that I'll lose my view, but the progress will be worth it.  AND....Mike said we're going to tear out part of our front lawn to create more parking & a drive-thru load out area - which is great news!  There'll be a lot less lawn to mow & maintain, and that's always OK in my book.  :)

More pictures to come, as work progresses!


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