As 2013 bows out, and allows 2014 to take front & center stage, I thought I'd wrap up the year with quick post and a few pictures.  This past year wasn't the easiest, but it was filled with new experiences and growth. 

It was a year of width.


The year opened with new life, and ended with loss.  January was a tough month for me - we lost my Dad to colon cancer and I still struggle a bit with "did I do all that I could?".  (I know, I shouldn't - but I'm being honest, and I do.)  But I know that he is in a better place, and shining in God's love.  And Lindsay and I were so thankful for the family that surrounded us in that time.


Like most ranches around here - this month was filled with the tremendous amount of work that calving brings.  But it also brought annual bull sales and another birthday for Clint - all things to celebrate.


Brandings, feeding and working cows and a trip to Corvallis filled up March.


The breeding season began and AI projects filled up our calendar.  I was able to make a quick trip to Iowa to attend my cousin Alayna's wedding though and the Clancy Stack made another appearance!


We bred more cows in May, and wrapped up a successful breeding season with our first trip to the Jordan Valley Big Loop - hopefully we'll get to go again!  Clint's dad Dave flew home after staying and helping us during the breeding season - we were sad to see him go, but looked forward to seeing him & Mel in June.

June was such a fun month!  Jackpot shows, our nephew Jace coming to visit, the UCCA BBQ and a wonderful trip to Iowa, Nebraska & Colorado filled the month.  Clint and I also celebrated our third wedding anniversary - I'm so lucky to get to be married to that guy!

I always say that July is our "vacation" month.  There's a bit of down time to rest and we can usually get away from the ranch if we need - which lets us get up to one of our favorite places - the Wallowa's.

Rodeo, road trips & riding filled this month.  It's also the month that this post brought thousands of people over to my little piece of the internet.

This is the month of Let 'Er Buck - and we did! At weddings, the beach, and at the ranch.

I was furloughed in October for two weeks - which meant I got to spend a lot of time at the ranch!  Fall calving and preparing for FFA auctions filled my days.

The sale barn construction began, my dishwasher caught on fire, and we spent Thanksgiving in Montana.

We wrapped up the year with the familiar; cattle, breeding projects & great friends.


It's been a year of highs and lows - but the peaks don't mean as much unless you've walked thru the valleys.  And we have much to be thankful for - a wonderful marriage, great family & friends, jobs that fulfill us, a roof over our heads and little to want.  Those are blessings not received by all and we recognize that our cup over runneth.

Happy New Year friends.  May 2014 bring peace & prosperity to you.

PS - If you're in the area, we're hosting our annual New Year's Eve gathering at our house tonight - you're invited to stop by!


  1. I loved the way you captured your life through 2013...your photos are so beautiful. Wishing you and your MR. the BEST 2014 filled with the Sweetest blessings!


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