Love wins in Montana.

Dear Paul & Whitney -

Thank you for asking us to spend the Thanksgiving holiday in Lewistown, Montana.  This little piece of the world is beautiful, and it was clear why you felt so at home here and choose it as the entryway into your new life together.

Weddings are always a bit chaotic -  aren't they?  Tux pants are too short, rental shoes don't fit, a schedule gets a little bit off.  It's a day you've spent months planning - and while you want everything to go just right, I think anyone who's been thru one of those days knows that even the best preparations and intentions are usually met with a few hiccups along the way.

But how you handle those little nuances, speaks volumes to how you'll handle your marriage.  And you two - you handled those little issues with ease.  Last minute adjustments were made with little fuss, and no problems.  Guests and family were made to feel welcome & loved, before you worried about small details.  I imagine that those characteristics will carry over in to the many years of marriage I hope you two will enjoy with carefree abandon.

Paul, we've known you since you and Clint lived together during the OSU Soap Creek Ranch days.  The friendship you two have forged is one that we are thankful for, and we always know who to turn to when we have a "vet" question.  While we hadn't had a chance to meet Whitney until this weekend we were smitten with her & her sweet family as soon as we stepped onto the Miller's ranch.  Good people attract good people, and we're looking forward to getting to know Whit and her family in the years ahead.

We've been to a lot of weddings; and are friends with a lot of great people.  But there are some relationships.....when you just know that the marriage is going to work.

Paul - we've always loved you as a friend, and thought so highly of you.  But when I walked out the doors at St. Joseph's after you were pronounced husband & wife, and saw your eyes filled with tears, overcome with the emotion of what your new marriage meant - gosh, my heart just knew at that moment that this was the real deal.  You were hooked - hook, line and sinker for your beautiful wife.  And the way she looks at you, laughs with you, smiles and goes with the flow with you - what a blessing.  Yours is going to be a marriage that will work.

Celebrating at the Eagle's after the ceremony.

While our main focus of the weekend was to celebrate you two, if I'm being honest Clint and I also spent a good part of the weekend focused on each other.  We rested, slept in, listened to each other and soaked up the love we have right in front of us.  Life has a way of speeding up, and this weekend was just what we needed to slow down and re-commit to each other.

Thank you for that gift.

Image by Kate Jenni Photography
Speaking of gifts - I know your photographer will bestow many gifts in the form of photographic memories for you.  Whether it was the celebration after the first kiss, relaxing at the 'Eags next door after the ceremony, or kicking it up on the dance floor - I have no doubt that Kate Jenni captured them well. 

I pulled my camera out a little bit, but to be honest - it was kind of nice to just be in the moment and enjoy the people around us.  People like your Uncle Jim, who talked to us about his Red Angus cows, and Jim Butcher from Gateway whose ranch we'd visited earlier that morning.  We caught up with Ben & Keegan, chatted with your parents, told funny stories from the OSU days, enjoyed your homemade beer and cheered on the Beavers together during the Civil War as we "watched" from our phones on ESPN at the head table.   

I also wanted to thank you for including me (and the other spouses) at your head table - it was such a nice touch, and I know all of us who had significant others in the wedding appreciated being able to sit & enjoy the evening together.  It was just another way you made your friends and family feel loved on your special day.

I've probably babbled on long enough - but I wanted to congratulate you two and welcome you to the {Married Club}.  We couldn't ask for two better friends to join.  We just know you'll enjoy each other; support each other; bring out the best in each other and most importantly, love each other.

Love always wins. 

With much love,
Clint & Darcy


  1. What a GREAT way to spend Thanksgiving! Love wins indeed - and you are a testament to that!


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