The Thomas Project - Group 1.

When the Thomas Angus Ranch purchased Lon & Sheri Wadekamper's LGW cows earlier this year, it was a little bit bittersweet.  We were sad to see such a successful program part ways with our good friends, but we were happy that the cows ended up in the Thomas program and that the genetics that LGW had built will continue to be promoted and carried on.

The cows didn't have to go far from home, and are being run on some circles near Hermiston.  We were asked to breed them this year, similar to how we have in year's past and in early November set a plan in motion.  The cows would be run in three groups, and bred at separate times with three sets of facilities.  That meant that we had to come up with three sets of portable facilities - panels, alleyways, and breeding boxes - but with our equipment, the Thomas's equipment and equipment borrowed from Genex - we got it done.

Cows were first time bred in groups, and then were ridden for heats in the second cycle.  The pictures in this post are from the first group of cows that were time bred in November - I'll post the second group tomorrow.  (I had to work the day they time bred the third group, so while there aren't any pictures the guys tell me it went well.)

We had a great crew on board the day that we bred the first group - they got the job done efficiently, quietly and timely.  All good things when you're time breeding a large set of cows in a portable system that hasn't been tested.


A big thanks to the great crew who helped, picture above. 

Lawrence, Marti, Annie, Kevin, Andy, Morgan, Chris, Miles, RJ, Clint, Matt, Myself, Mike & Emett

 We can't say enough how much a quality crew can dictate the success of a project, and we are thankful for you. 

Good people really make these projects fun. 

Another Genex Chuteside Service project in the books!

* A big thanks to Annie Hobson for taking many of the pictures above! *


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