A list.

It's been a full week.  Not super crazy, but just consistently busy. 

Heifers are calving.
"Peanut" the premi calf born 45 days early is still alive.
We're cramming to get acreage reports done at work.
Clint's had meetings.
There are floors to endlessly sweep (hello winter weather), stacks of laundry and dishes to put away.

I've started meal planning again, and am trying to cook more at home.
We're still heat checking fall replacement heifers, and Clint's been AI'ing those that come back in.
The guys are feeding cows and the clipping crew is at the feedlot clipping the Thomas, Meadow Acres and Rollin Rock bulls.
The sale barn building was supposed to be delivered today.

The key I had made for my dad's pickup that we have parked where they're going to unload the building didn't work. Darn it.
We got to visit with good friends last night at the annual Genex Co-Op meeting.
I've been drinking Tazo Passion iced tea a lot during the day, and less Diet Pepsi.
We're still living the dream.

So what's going on in your world? 


  1. It's amazing how busy we can be and still keep it all straight!

    J and I got the calving barn cleaned Thursday and mostly set up on Friday. We have the last minute things to do before heifers start calving. I am not ready to think about new babies! Good thing we have a month and a half to go.

    I do like the nice weather we have had the last few days.


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