More of the same.

Sometimes I feel like I'm a broken record when I post about cows, but it's what our life looks like and the truth is that we're still calving here! :)

Start knocking on wood, because what I'm about to say below will probably become
untrue as soon as I type these words....

We had very few problems this weekend.

Besides a set of twins, and a pair that we brought to the barn last night because it was a bit chilly, the weekend was for the most part pretty drama free.

You can't see me - but I'm dancing a happy dance!

Cows calved on their own, heifers claimed and took care of their own calf, nothing had to be pulled and night checks stayed relatively uneventful.  You gotta love drama free days (and nights) when you're calving!  We even got to rest for a bit Saturday was kind of weird, we didn't know what to do with ourselves.

Hopefully the drama free atmosphere will stick around....but Clint still has quite a few cows and heifers left to calve, so I won't be holding my breath. 

How's calving in your world? 

Or are you ready to send some of your drama - or fog - elsewhere? 

Either way, know that I'm cheering you on!


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