Friday, February 28, 2014


Gosh, it's been a good month.

Usually February is tough - you're in the thick of calving, running on no sleep and time seems to be in short order.

Oh wait....our February was like that.

But it also held a lot of great moments and I'm going to choose to remember those. 

The bull sales, the trips to see family & friends, the baby calves bucking around the field, the visits at the dinner table and the evenings we got to sleep all night. 

Happy beats tough.
I'll choose joy over frustration.
And love - well, it always wins.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Sexson's.

I'm so proud to be a part of this family.

Clint's grandparents, his Uncle Milt, Aunt Sherryl & Dad Dave

Jacobi, Hailey & Jace with their great-grandparents 

We traveled to Gordon, NE last weekend during our trip to Colorado to see Clint's dad's side of the family.  His Gramps recently had to move to a nursing home a block away from the assisted living center where his grandma lives, so it was nice that a lot of the family was able to gather for lunch at his grandma's and then stayed to visit afterwards.

Valentine's Day had been the Friday before, and Uncle Milt & Aunt Laura had brought chocolate covered strawberries, which their granddaughter Hailey shared with the group.

We visited, played cards and played games until everyone had to leave to head back to their little corners of the world.  Clint's dad had heart surgery earlier in the week, and we were so thankful that he and Mel had been able to travel down to see us.  Kristi and the kids came from Hemingford, and we talked about her new job (she's going to work for FSA - I'm so excited!) and heard what was going on in Jace & Jacobi's world.  Uncle Milt is night calving at his ranch, and Laura is keeping busy at her travel agency.  Lance, his fiance and his daughter were here and tore up the Connect Four game.  Kenny and I plotted on how to buy a big ranch, and Sherryl obliged us by looking at the pictures we wanted to show her. 

And I think Gramps & Gram just took it all in - you could see how proud they are of their family, and we are sure proud of the example they've set for us on how to have a lasting, loving and committed marriage.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

20 years later, friendship remains.


Northeastern Junior College
20{ish} Year Reunion
February 2014
Sterling, Colorado


We could all wish for the kind of friendships that are developed at a junior college in Northeastern Colorado.

Friendships that span miles, memories and milestones.

Friendships that pick right back up over a drink at the Eagles club in Sterling, CO twenty years later.

Friendships that bring forth laughter.

Friendships that remember - and raise a glass to a good friend lost too early.

Friendships that gather round tables, continue during limo rides and gather over breakfast the next morning.

Friendships that will still be there.

Tomorrow....and in another twenty years.

"Friendship is not a big thing.  It's a million little things." 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

So much worth celebrating.

Birthdays are worth celebrating.
Friends are worth celebrating.
Laughter is worth celebrating.
Stories re-lived are worth celebrating.
Lives well lived are worth celebrating.

And celebrate we did.


Cheers to 40.
Cheers to friendships that span the years.
Cheers to coming back to a town that holds a lot of great memories.
And cheers to the future.