5 on Friday.

1. I look like a pirate.
I may, or may not be wearing an eye patch right now.  Wednesday night after work I was helping graft a calf onto a cow at the barn, and as I was walking the calf up to let it nurse, the cow THWAPPED me in the eye with her tail.  It stung for a bit, but I didn't think much of it.  But it must have scratched my poor eyeball because Thursday morning all I could think about was "How terrible would I look if I went to Walgreens before work to buy an eye patch?".  I even did some very scientific research, by holding my hand up to my eye and seeing if it felt better.  It did, so I picked up an eye patch at lunch and while I didn't wear it at work, as soon as I headed out the door Thursday I officially looked like a pirate. (Yes, I realize I should probably go to the eye doctor and have it checked out.  But welcome to my life this week....not exactly a ton of room in the schedule for unexpected appointments in town.)

I'm off of work today, so if you stop by the ranch may be seeing me sporting a super sweet eye patch. I think I'll walk around today saying "Rrrrrr!" and "Ahoy Matey's!" to the cows, like any good pirate would do.

2. FFA Week
Can I just tell you how much I have enjoyed seeing old pictures of friends in FFA official dress this week!?!  I love opening up Facebook and seeing flashbacks from the past.  The FFA is such a powerful organization, and really, truly made a difference in my life.  I wanted to write a blog about how much FFA has meant to me, but time just got away from me this week.  So for this year, old pictures from my state officer year will have to do. :)

3. I am that annoying girl with the camera.
I realize that no one exactly loves having their picture taken.  But I love being able to look back on memories, and so I will still be that girl with the camera walking around taking pictures.  Now to just edit & post all of those memories.....

4. Hectic.
That's been our week.  Lots going on, two big meetings at work this week along with normal chores and home life.  I meant to get pictures of our trip posted, but that didn't happen.  (Hopefully this weekend or early next week.)  Until then, here's one of my favorite pictures of Clint & his NJC friends right after they celebrated turning 40 with a shot.

5. February Birthdays
Saturday night is "February Birthdays" where we celebrate all of the great ranchers who have a birthday in February.  I know....the name is super original, huh?!?  :)  Karl turned 50 yesterday, Clint 40 earlier this month, and Jeanne, Ian and Kerri all have birthdays too.  Tacos, margaritas and beer all await us on Saturday.  I cannot wait.

I hope everyone's had a super week, and enjoys the weekend!


  1. Hope your eye gets better, Darcy. Not fun.

    I didn't know you were a State FFA Officer until I saw this pict on FB earlier in the week.

    The Hubby hates when I drag my camera along. I have quit being the crazy camera lady. I think I need to pick it up again. Everyone likes to see a picture reminding them of fun times. You will never guess who is always the first to say "Oh let me see the pictures you took." ???

    I hear ya on the hectic week. Yesterday alone was super busy. We left the house at 7:30 am, had a 20 minute ham sandwich dinner break and got in at dark.

    The first heifer calved yesterday afternoon; her ultrasound data said Feb 27th. We are not mentally ready for calving season, but I am sure we will be soon. I think it will be a few days before the second girl calves.

    Have fun at February birthday night.


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