Meadow Acres 2014 Bull Sale

Yesterday was the 2014 Meadow Acres Angus Bull Sale, at the ranch in Echo.

The Correa families & Bovard family put together another great set of bulls & heifers, and it was fun to be in attendance.

Great cattle, sunshine and a yummy lunch catered by Mario's greeted everyone who came out. 

And here's the thing that I think I loved most about yesterday;

People left their ranches, and came out to support two families and a great program.

Everyone in our area has really struggled this last week or so with weather, calving and normal ranching activities.  We went from 6 degrees and 10'' of snow, to 55 degrees and muck everywhere. 

At Double M yesterday, the fields flooded so badly you couldn't even drive through a field to check calving cows in 4 wheel drive in the pickup, the guys had to get a tractor to get around.  So to leave for the better part of a day meant extra effort in the morning to make sure things were done.

But still - they came to the sale.

There was a great crowd there.  Laughter, and visiting and maybe even a little bit of commiserating happened.  Friends visited, told jokes and caught up with one another before sitting down in the bleachers to bid on their bulls.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again here -

You will not find better people, than those in the ag industry.

For that, I think we can all be thankful.

A neat thing about this sale;

For the first time last year Willie Bovard of BoBo Cattle Co donated the proceeds of a heifer sold at the sale to the Oregon FFA Foundation.  It was so successful, that he did it again this year in 2014.  The Currin family purchased her, and then all of the other ranchers in attendance, and bidding online had a chance to donate cash as well.  Many, many ranchers donated and although I haven't confirmed it, the buzz was that over $4,000 was raised for the Oregon FFA Foundation.  Thanks to BoBo Cattle & the ranchers who supported this great cause!

Thank you to the Currin Family of Heppner, OR for purchasing the 2014 Donation Heifer!
2013-2014 Oregon FFA State Officers were on hand to interact with the crowd
Congratulations to the Correa & Bovard families on a great bull sale!


  1. Darcy,
    You did a great job capturing the bull sale scenes. Your words are so heartfelt and true. There are good ag people all across the nation. Thanks for sharing ag stories from the northwest.

  2. I thoroughly enjoy going to bull sales with my dad as well as my grandpa. Everything you said in this post is percisely why! I have made so many sweet memories!


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