Our 1st Charolais of 2014.

We had our first Charolais calf of the year last week!  

We get to run a small set of Charolais cows with the Double M cows, so while we've been calving Double M cows for awhile, it was pretty exciting to see our first calf on the ground!

039L calved on Monday, and since I leave for work in the dark and get home in the dark, Saturday was the first time I could picture her heifer calf in the daylight.

She is adorable!

And spunky!
And very crazily colored!  

She's out of a purebred Charolais bull (a home bred Hoodoo bull out of one of our favorite cows "Scratch") and a half-blood Angus/Charolais calf.   Since she's not a purebred, we didn't expect her to be white....but we sure didn't expect her to have red spots either!  

She is thick, thick, thick....and weighed like lead. Because of that, she's probably not a heifer replacement candidate, but she may be a potential market heifer.

Either way - she's cute, she's alive and her mama is taken good care of her.

And she has a name.....because, of course, right?!?

Welcome to the world Lil' Lolita....we're sure glad you're here!


  1. Very exciting! Love the pictures...nothing cuter than those little calfies. She is unique...just like her name!


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