2014 Rollin' Rock Bull Sale - The Candids

If I saw you at the Rollin' Rock sale, and didn't stop to visit very much, I'm sorry.  I was worried about all of the tech stuff working right, and computers staying networked, and internet lines staying connected and in the midst of all of that I didn't get to visit or have any real conversations before or during the sale.

But for all of you I did get to see - thanks for coming!  I hope next time I can have my ducks more in a row (the 1st time is always the hardest) and be able to converse more.

Until then, he's a few (of many!) pictures from Thursday & Friday.


The kids at the sale played SO well, and we so cute.  They were all little cattlemen and cattlewomen, with their catalogs & pens tucked in their shirts.  The future of the industry looks bright with these kiddos!

So many pictures.
So many great people.
Such a great event.


I probably sound like a broken record, but I was so glad that things went so well for the Rollin' Rock crew, and am happy for the success they experienced last week!

Good people & hard work pays off.

And there were a lot of good people at the barn this past week.

We are thankful for all of you!


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