5 on Friday.

1. Pretty light.
Everything is easier to do in the light, and I am thankful that Spring is right around the corner.  I know Daylight Savings time is this weekend, and we're going to loose all of the morning light we've had (which has been sooooo nice for the drive to work) but the extra light in the evening to do chores in will be nice too.

2. Have you tried EOS Lip Balm?
It is tres' yummy.  And it makes your lips look so shiny, without being greasy.  I was at Costco a few weeks ago, and they had 6-pack I contemplated buying, but whenever I do that with a new product I haven't tried, I usually don't end up loving it.  So I bought a single EOS in "Summer Fruit" in the checkout line at Wal-Mart this week and now I'm kicking myself for not buying the 6-pack.  

3. I love this picture.
I posted this on Facebook this morning, but I thought I'd post it here too.  Keep your head up - and we'll all get through the gate.  Whatever & wherever that {Gate} may be.

4. Tazo Passion Iced Tea.
I love to drink iced tea, and my favorite two flavors are Tazo Passion and Tazo Wild Sweet Orange.  I make individual cups at the office (I take a small tea bag, and soak it in a cup of hot water and then pour over ice in a bigger cup) but since I'm at home this weekend I made a big pitcher using the bigger iced tea bags.  It is delicious....and probably better for me than Diet Pepsi.  

But don't worry - I already had one of those too this morning. You didn't think I'd quit that easy, now would you?  :)

5. The sale facility is almost ready!
Rollin' Rock Angus is hosting their annual bull sale in the sale barn next week, and we are hustling to have everything ready for them!  The enclosed portion of the barn is done and the inside got painted yesterday.  (The roof over the working facilities will be finished after the sale - we didn't have enough wind-free days to get it on, but it's not necessary to have the sale so it got post-poned.)  Today we're installing internet, bringing in gravel for the outside walkways, and beginning to install the sale ring.  The electrical guys are supposed to be here wiring in lights, and I'm trying to figure out how to hang TV's from metal sheeting.....if you have any hints, would you let me know in the comments below?  

We're super excited about next Friday, and if you want to look through Rollin' Rock's bulls - the catalog is here and videos of the bulls are here.

Happy Friday friends!  

May your weekend be wonderful!


  1. I'm going to have to try your tea. I am also trying to kick my diet soda habit (I only have one a day, but I still should probably quit even that!). I love tea and I'm trying to find kinds that don't require sweetener!

  2. I love tea!!! But...I'm a boring regular black tea drinker. I need to give this a try!! Thanks for posting!!

  3. I had no clue you could buy TAZO passion tea like that! So excited!!! Thanks for linking up!!!


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