5 on Friday.

1. Getting our green on.

I hope everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day!  It seemed like Eastern Oregon wanted to wear a little green and participate in the festivities because the hillsides have really changed and the grass has been growing like gangbusters. Hallelujah!  Last week the fields I drive by on the way home were brown, and this week they're all a lush shade of green!  I imagine it's hard for cattle ranchers to keep feeding, when they see the green up, but the wait will be worth it when everyone gets to turn out to lush fields. 

Did you have a good St. Patrick's Day?  Our office celebrated with an Irish baked potato bar potluck, and we all had our green on.  I wore a fun Pleione Mixed Media shirt in Emerald that I'd gotten on clearance at Nordstrom.  I love this brand - it's really affordable, washes well and is polished enough to wear with a pair of jeans & some jewelry at the office.  There are new spring colors of the shirt out here and all of the line can be found here.

2. Nail polish.
For my birthday this year, I got a gel manicure and really loved it.  Gel polish really holds up well on my nails for the most part, but I've found that liquid nitrogen seems to be it's kryptonite.  Since we'll start breeding cows here pretty soon, and I'll start handling canes and straws of bull semen (that are stored in liquid nitrogen) on a pretty regular basis, I'm going to have to take a hiatus from my gel manicures.  But I still want my nails to look nice, so I ordered a bunch of OPI mini polishes from Ulta and can't wait to try out all of the fun colors I ordered!

I got the OPI Brazil CopacaBabies 4pc Mini Kit, and OPI Brazil Beach Sandies 4pc Mini Kit and a bottle of glitter polish from the OPI Muppets line.  I really like to get the mini's, because you get a lot of different colors of polish and since I don't go through nail polish super fast, it's the perfect amount and I don't feel like I waste polish or money.  I also got a basic OPI manicure kit, because with the number of cows we'll be breeding, I think I'll be having to do a lot of touch ups. But it will be worth it though since I'll get to use such fun colors!

PS - If you think these polishes are as fun as I do, be sure to leave a comment on yesterday's post to be entered to win a set of your very own!  :)

3. Giving blood.

I try to give blood every time the Red Cross is here in town doing a blood drive.  I think giving blood is something so easy to do, and the need for it is always great.  The Red Cross makes is super easy - once you register, every time a drive is going on near you they give you a call (they even track when the last time you gave was, so you don't go/and they don't annoy you with a phone call before you're eligible) and help you set up an appointment.  Giving blood usually takes an hour to an hour and a half, and you leave feeling like you really helped someone. 

Monday I went in for my scheduled appointment and was dissapointed when my hemoglobin was too low.  (It was 12.4 and they require 12.5 from women to donate.  Boo.)   I had made sure to drink a lot of water, and had eaten beef the night before since it is high in iron (who am I kidding, we live on a cattle ranch....we eat beef all of the time) but my sleep had been lacking so I'm going to make sure the  next time I go in I am well rested.

If you don't currently donate - I'd encourage you to look into it.  An hour of your time can help save a life, and I think we probably can all find an hour to do that.

4. Roxie-Dog.

Katie stayed with us last Saturday on her way home from the JR Ranch Bull Sale, and she had her cute Mini Aussie, Roxie with her.  Roxie was so well behaved and even showed us her tricks!  Katie has taugh her to roll over, shake, sit and lay down and she even danced in circles for us.  I was trying to teach her to do "Dead Dog" and have her play dead when I pointed a finger and her and said "Bang, bang" but I think I just scared her.  But then I redeemed myself by feeding her bacon from my breakfast burrito, and all was well again.  :)

5. Oregon FFA Convention

I'm headed to the Oregon FFA State Convention in Bend tomorrow, and am excited to see all of the blue & gold!  Good luck to all of the members competing in CDE's, proficiencies or running for state office! 


I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Happy Weekend to you, Darcy!
    I stopped to look at our beardless winter wheat yesterday, there are a few little green hairs sticking out of the ground. This morning we had wet flurries with a little accumulation and wind. Typical for March in our area.

    My Hubby is a blood donor too. I think it is a wonderful way to give back. Unfortunately for me I am to little to donate.

    What a cute little Roxie-dog. I love her colors and the twinkle in her eye.

    Have fun at the State FFA Convention. Are you judging an event?

  2. Robyn - so glad to hear that your husband is a donor! (But part of me wishes I was small too....ugh, we all have things we'd change about ourselves right?) I am judging an event - after convention, I'll share more. :) Happy weekend!


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