A little bit of random Wednesday-ish-ness.

Soooo, things have been a liiiiiiitttllle hectic at home this week.

There is still a lot to do to get the sale barn ready for the Rollin' Rock bull sale this Friday - but we are totally going to get there!

This picture was taken Saturday morning.  The barn looks the same, but all of the pens have been set up, bales of straw are laying in each pen ready to be broken open, and the guys are working on the lead up alley and exit today so the outside is really going to look different by the end of the day.  I took a half day off at work, and after a few errands I headed home to help with the rest of the set up.

I just keep telling myself - POSITIVE THINKING! - we will get there!

Couple that with a few late nights and lots of hard work, and it will be awesome!


Fingers crossed.


So with all of the craziness that's going on at home, I thought I'd throw a little crazy at you here on the blog.  I went through my phone and grabbed some random pictures taken this past week:

This weekend it rained HARD in the mountains, and so the Umatilla River - which flows right through the ranch - has been flooding EVERYWHERE.  This is the pasture Clint has the 2 & 3 year old cows that have already calved in.....I was doing a final night check in the pasture right next to it (while Clint checked the heifers across the road) and called to tell him that it was a good thing the pair pasture had some hills on the north end, because in just a few hours the river had risen to cover 2/3 of the pasture.  I drove out to the edge to spotlight the water, to make sure there weren't any calves or cows stuck out in the middle of it, and all I could hear was the water lapping the edges like a lake.  Seriously, a crazy amount of water.

Truckload after truckload of gravel got delivered for in front of the sale barn, and around our house and Mike did a great job of smoothing it all out.

 Pace was here this weekend helping his dad with bull sale stuff, and let me take his pictures while his dad & Clint were putting out hay.

I had to go out to the field this week one morning for work, and it was a perfect excuse to stop and pick up $1 drinks for my co-workers!

I posted this picture on Facebook a while ago, but am posting it here, because while I haven't had any more calves in the front of the pickup, my "Grandpa Canopy" over my pickup bed has come in so handy this week, and I've transported three calves in it.  Who needs to hook up a trailer, when you can just pop the calf in the back, shut the canopy door and head down the road!

Me + Diet Pepsi = True Love

Just keepin' it real.


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