Branding at Double M

The crew here at Double M has been branding calves here for the past week or so, and has a few more groups to go.  I'm home for a bit this morning before a dentist appointment, so I got to see Clint out the door as he left to go get a set ready to brand before it rains today.

Rain this time of year is tricky - we want it to rain for the crops, but you can't brand calves that are in between storms, the crew tries to brand if they can.

Last Friday when I was home, I was working on taxes in the morning (ugh....eventually we'll get them done!), but ran down to the calving barn to help Clint sort calves, and then stayed for a bit to take pictures.   I just love my three day weekends!  Everyone at my office works 9 hour days, and then we all get a three day weekend every other weekend.  Some of us take a Monday off, while others take a Friday so that we have office coverage and it is one of the best perks of my job!

Anyway - back to branding.  This set of calves was the AI Progeny Test calves out of the 2 & 3 year olds.  They are growing like gangbusters!  

Double M brands everything over a table, and everyone has "their job".  It's a really fluid routine, and they get into a good rhythm.  Kenneth was at the ranch, since he's on Spring Break, so he was the gate opener, and did a great job!

Of course Austin felt like she needed to stand to watch and make sure she was supervising the calves. 

Another year of Double M calves branded, and we'll be on to breeding their mama's!

PS - The brand at Double M has always been a UR and stands for the "Umatilla Ranch" since the ranch property is situated right along the river.  Kind of neat!


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