The Big Sexy Ninja.

So somehow at the Rollin' Rock sale, Clint got a new nickname;

- Big Ninja -

I know, pretty awesome, huh?
But also at the same time, some of the guys were joking around that we should call him;

- Big Sexy -

And I couldn't agree more - I mean, I'm his wife - of course he's sexy. And when we were branding this weekend at Ryan & Amy's, somehow Clint got a NEW nickname;

- The Big Sexy Ninja -

And let me tell you - Clint showed us how he earned that nickname. 
Check out his Ninja moves on a calf who tried to get away.....

Bare handed, folks.

No gloves for this ninja.

And I'm so proud to be MRS. Big Sexy Ninja!


PS - Ninjas don't eat granola bars.  But Big Sexy Ninjas do. 

Sorry, inside joke.  But one funny enough to write down so that when I look back at this, I'll remember it.  :)


  1. A) nice action shots.
    B) When you think about the fact that Grandma will read this post, you will laugh hysterically. I just stopped.

    :) Happy Monday!

  2. Gosh dang Clint, those days I miss with you and Darcy on the ranch at OSU.


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