The outtakes I probably shouldn't post, but I will anyway.

Bull sales are an interesting beast.

The nature of the beast is that income-wise, you put all of your eggs in one basket, open the gates and let 'er rip.  

Hopefully at the end of the sale, you've provided a product that people have shown up to buy at a price that you can make a living at.

The stress of it all can get pretty heavy, I imagine. 
Even when you've been selling bulls for a long time, in a facility that you're familiar with and use year after year, I think it can still be stressful.

And for the Rollin' Rock crew, they had a lot of {new} last Friday that probably only added to the regular stress someone would feel during a sale.

There were new partners.
A new sale facility.
A new feed yard that the bulls were developed in.
New clients.
And a new opportunity to succeed.

For what it counts, I think last Friday went really well.

 And for a group of people who had worked really hard to make it happen, once it was all over everyone kicked up their feet, poured themselves a drink and celebrated.

And we may, or may not have, made some pretty funny faces for the camera along the way. 

It's good to be able to laugh at yourself. And while I may not have any friends after I hit publish on this post, I also think it's important to show the fun side of this lifestyle.

Because while we all work hard....and we worked really hard last week.....the friendships and laughter are also a big part of this life, and the reason we can push through and celebrate at the end.

Here's to great friendships, laughter and celebrating success.

Because success is reason enough.


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