When it all comes together.

Last summer, the ranch began to toss around the idea of building a sale barn.

And nine months later, on March 14, 2014 the Double M Sale Facility hosted the Rollin' Rock Genetic Partners 2014 Bull Sale.  

Maybe it was kind of like having a baby.

In the beginning, everything is fun - and far off - and you just kind of reveled in the novelty of what is to come.  Halfway through, you buy little things - instead of a crib and diapers, we were buying TV's and computers.  Then during the last three months, you're looking at the calendar and thinking....

Holy crap.  
Will we be ready?
Can we get it all done?

We did - but it took some hustling.

And after the building was up, the alleyway was built & welded, and the inside was painted....the electricians went to work on wiring lights and plug-ins, the guys started to put together outside pens, and then built the runway and sale block & sale ring.  We installed the office counter, hung TV's and ran wires, placed signage and put the finishing touches on a barn that we had high hopes for.

Things popped up - they always will - but Thursday night when Rollin' Rock hosted their informative dinner, we were sure proud of what had been built.

There'll be things to keep working on (a roof for the working area, more electrical work), but for the most part things went well on Friday.  Cattle came to the barn quickly and quietly, the sale ring functioned well, and a great crowd showed up to buy some tremendous Angus genetics.

I'll post more candids later this week - some are already up on Facebook - but there was a lot of fun had and we look forward to future sales!

Thank you to the whole crew at Rollin' Rock; 

- Bill & Jennifer, Ryan & Amy, Beau & Kristin, Bodner & Baggs - 

We appreciate your confidence in Double M to deliver a sale barn that you could be proud to host your bull sale in.  We hope for many years of a continued great partnership.


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