Branding in Helix.

We went to Ryan & Amy's branding at their house a week ago, and had such a nice time.  The weather was great, the help was great and in short order all of the calves had been branded and worked.  I had driven home from Bend that morning, getting in about 5 am and only slept for a few hours before we headed out to brand, so I spent most of my day on a fence post with my camera.  I didn't feel too guilty since there was so much help.  1200+ pictures later - I had to either make the decision to edit everything....and write this post a month from now (haha) or post the pictures and go down the road.

Posting the pictures SOOC won.   Mostly because we went and helped brand in Pilot Rock last weekend, and I took another 600 more.  Don't worry - I won't post all of them, but a picture deluge is about to happen.  And they're the best kind of pictures - ones showing a fun (and funny) group of people, working hard together on a gorgeous day in Eastern Oregon. 

The best kind of branding to be at.


Whew!  You made it to the end. :)

There were so many fun pictures, it was hard to narrow it down to even this many.

Want to see more branding pictures? 

Come back tomorrow for a recap of Ryan & Amy's branding in Pilot Rock. 


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