Our weekend.

Hello friends!  Happy Tuesday!

We had a busy weekend, and kind of a busy Monday too. 

I think it's just that time of year.  ;-)

We bred three groups of heifers this weekend - two at the feedlot and one out in Pilot Rock.  I knew Friday was going to be the last time I'd have a chance to run to Costco to stock up on things before the spring breeding season, and let me tell you - I commanded the orange cart like a champion!

Haha.  Or maybe not. 

I'm pretty sure I hit three end caps with my cart, and probably cut off a handful of people as I was turning into an aisle - but no worries, no real damage was done.

And I won't ever see those people again, right?

At least that's what I tell myself.

Either way - I got stocked up on paper towels, Gatorade & Diet Snapple, cases of water and freezer items for quick fix meals.

I also spent a small fortune at Ulta where I picked up self tanner & OPI nail polishes - but those aren't exactly breeding season essentials.

Although they do make for a happy wife, and "Happy wife, happy life", right?!?

The rest of the weekend was spent on the ranch helping Clint and at the feedlot breeding.

The weather here couldn't have been more perfect!

 We also got to go to the Battle of the Bars, which is a fundraiser for the Pendleton Round Up Hall of Fame on Friday night and it was a lot of fun.  A big shout out to the Ledbetter's with their "Lem-dleton" - a delicious blend of Pendleton Whisky, fresh squeezed lemon and Bone Daddy's Margarita mix! 

We also celebrated Terry's 60th birthday on Saturday at Fujiyama's - but that will be a post later this week. 

Hope you all had a great weekend too, and that your week has started off well!


  1. I have been noticing those sass nails in a few photos. I enjoyed my orange last week.


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