5 on Friday.

1. Spring Grass and Curious Cows.

We've had some pretty good grass growing weather around here lately, and because Double M intensively grazes, Clint is moving groups all of the time to new feed.  He tries to move pairs in the evening when the weather is cooler, and I usually help flag the road for him.  While I was waiting at the gate this week (Clint, Ty and Wyatt were out in the field gathering the pairs), I snapped these pictures of the heifers that were across the road.  They'd been shaded up in the old barn, but when they heard the other pairs coming from across the road, they got pretty curious and had to come check things out!

2. Birchbox.

I joined Birchbox in March, and wanted to receive a few boxes before I shared about it.  For $10, you receive deluxe samples each month that are chosen for you based on a survey of questions you answer.  The boxes ship free, and then if you like the samples you receive, you can order the full size product and it ships free to you for that month.  The box I received this month is probably my favorite yet! 

If you're interested in joining Birchbox, click here for more info!

I think this would be a fun gift to give for a birthday, or Christmas too.  You can buy a month, or 3-month subscriptions and then the recipient just fills out the questionaire and starts receiving their box.

 How fun is that?

3. These just make me laugh.

Can you tell I've been really wanting a nap lately?!?!
And I just love this one;

4. Speaking of laughing...

Have you watched this video on YouTube?

I seriously laughed from exit 199 all the way to Pendleton this morning on my way to work!

Roll the credits.

5. Bare Minerals Giveaway

Congratulations to Robyn!

You are the big winner!  I'll get your makeup mailed to you first thing next week.

Robyn is a frequent commenter, and blogs about her life on a South Dakota ranch over at The Ranch Wife Chronicles.

Robyn wins her own set of some of my favorite, and most used Bare Minerals products.

She'll receive a full size Marvelous Moxie lipgloss in "Maverick", a 0.85g All Over Face Color in "Love Radiance", a 0.2g Mineral Veil, a brush to apply both, and a Next Big Thing eyeshadow compact with the colors Rising Star, Smash Hit, Hoopla and Ensemble!

I hope you enjoy these - these products make getting ready super simple for me, and I hope they do the same for you!


Happy Friday friends!

We're spending the weekend at a jackpot show and hauling heifers to Wallowa.  Maybe Monday we'll even have time for a nap - I sure hope so!

We'll also be remembering that the reason for this long weekend is because of the generous sacrifices members of the United States Armed Forces have given to our country.

A special shout out to the members of our family who have served and are currently serving.  We appreciate you!


  1. Oh my goodness, what a surprise! Thanks Miss Darcy.

    We moved replacement heifers to a new pasture this morning. They are so curious and fun they make me laugh. Well, until they get out and we have to go on a wild goose chase to find and bring them home. I like the old weathered barn in your photos.

    I like the last of your "these just make me laugh" photos. Have you ever seen Impracticable Jokers? J's BFF introduced us to this via YouTube and we soon discovered they have a tv show. Even I get a kick out of most of their pranks/jokes.

    Have fun at the Jackpot cattle show, FUN.

    J and I are going to the big city. J's Sister is having a birthday party for J's Mom on Sunday. We are tossing around the idea of spending the night. We could use a day or two off the ranch.


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