5 on Friday.

1. The Must-Have Wedges

I finally bit the bullet, and bought these.

 I follow Sheaffer at Pinterest Told Me To, and she has been raving about these wedges for a sweet forever.  Our lifestyle doesn't exactly justify multiple pairs of wedges (I already have a neutral pair from BOC that I love) but when these went on sale, I bit the bullet.

And can I just tell you...



Yes, they are worth screaming about. 

And the two facts above justify every penny of the $46.86 I paid for them. 

If you want a pair for yourself there are limited sizes in putty & black left, so you need to HURRY! I highly recommend them...I wear a 10 normally, and I'd say they're true to size.

2.  Happy Birthday Paco!

My sister's birthday was yesterday and now she's an old, old, OLD lady. 

Haha. Just joking Lindsay. 

I just had to give you grief because you think anyone over 25 is old. 

And you're not old like the rest of us, because you're 25 for the 2nd time, right?

3. On the Road Again.

It's that time of year.  Moving cows to different pastures is pretty much a daily occurence in the late spring and early summer months at Double M.  Since last Monday was a holiday, I helped Clint move this group and Jesse who was here visiting brought up the rear and helped the slower calves come at their own pace.

'Tis the season.

4. The Weather.

We have had some of the nicest weather here lately!  It's been nice and cool in the evenings, and in the low 70's during the day with a nice breeze.

If there is somewhere in the world that has this kind of weather all year round, I'd like to know about it.

But until then - I'm going to enjoy our little corner of the world.  I know the farmers could use a good healthy shot of rain for the crops, but I can't control that, so I'm just going to be thankful for the days of beautiful weather we've had this past week! 

5. Off to AI More Cows

This post is actually auto posting, since we left last night to head to Mitchell, OR to breed cows today and tomorrow.   It's supposed to be great weather, and we'll have a great crew there to help - all good things to start a project off on the right foot!


Happy Friday friends!
Keep on living the dream!


  1. looks like it was a great week. Super cute shoes!


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