Cattle Baron's Weekend

Cattle Baron's Weekend is held in Pendleton each year to celebrate the region's cattlemen and ranchers, and honor the legacy of the West. 

There are events all weekend long - a beautiful silver show, tradeshow, horse & dog sale, saddle bronc riding, and more!  The Umatilla County Cattlemen's Association (UCCA) sponsors the Friday morning activities that are targeted to cattlemen and tries to put together a program that is informative and interesting. 

This year with the help of the UCCA, National Cattlemen's Beef Assoc. and Genex, the group was able to bring Curt Pate in to give a demonstration on livestock handling.  After he was done, he sorted & loaded cattle in our Bud Box & alleyway that we had brought in and then the Genex crew gave an A.I. Demonstration. 

We set up a TV on the balcony and ran video from inside the AI barn so that everyone could see how the box worked.   You can watch Morgan breeding one of our Charolais cows (the milk cow!) below.  You'll have to excuse my shakiness...I was walking through the barn to hand him the AI gun. 

Afterwards, anyone who wanted to could come down from the viewing area and try out the box, step inside, run the handles & pulls, etc.

The morning was bookended with a breakfast sponsored by NWFCS in the Roy Raley room, and then a lunch sponsored by Zoetis in the Convention Center.   Afterwards, a group of people stayed to take their Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) test and get certified.  That wrapped up just in time to preview the horses & stock dogs, so we hung around for a bit to watch those.

It was a great day!

The guys were really pleased with the turnout of people - so a big thank you to all who attended! 

The UCCA is working on ideas for next year, and is open to suggestions.  If you've been to a cattle related workshop or session that you thought was valuable, would you tell me about it in the comments?  The time period is 3-4 hours and there are indoor & outdoor facilities to work with, so basically we can make whatever work!  


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