Spring Beauty Swap!

Do you know the best way to brighten a day?

Open your mailbox to find FUN MAIL!

How cute is her stationary?
In this case, the fun mail was a package from my new friend Anna who I was paired with for Crystal Cattle's Spring Beauty Swap

After Anna and I were paired together, we learned a bit about each other, and then sent each other a few of our favorite beauty items.   Anna is a fellow cattle industry supporter too.  She works for the Arizona Cattlemen's Association, and she and her husband raise cattle and he also works in the feedlot industry. 

I have to be honest - I was hesitant at first to participate in Crystal's Beauty Swap - but I'm glad I did!  I don't really consider myself a make-up expert, which is what kept me from swapping before, but Anna and I decided to just exchange products that we each love. 

In the process, it was fun to make a new friend and discover some new beauty products!

Anna so kindly sent me:

Lollia Hand Cream in Calm
Oh my goodness.  Anna warned me about her love for this hand cream in an email, and she was right - this hand cream is delicious!

I've blogged about my love for Jenna Hipp's hand cream, and included a tube in the package I sent to Anna.  But when I tried the Lollia's that Anna sent me, I knew why she loves it so much!  Once I figured out how to open it - don't laugh - it has a metal seal that basically takes a cork screw to open -  I was in hand cream heaven!  

If I had to compare these two creams, I'd say that Lollia's is a bit silkier in texture, and has more of a "lotion" type consistency.  Jenna Hipp's is a thicker, pastier texture and has a dry feel to it.  (I think that's why guys don't mind using it because it doesn't feel like lotion.)  Both absorb quickly, are pleasant smelling and aren't greasy at all.  I would say that the Lollia cream has a nice scent that lingers - in a good way - whereas the Jenna Hipp cream doesn't smell once it's absorbed.

OPI Nail Polish in Red Hot Rio
I've been a "I'm Not Really A Waitress" OPI fan forever, but last fall my newest bottle was pretty gloopy so out it went.  I hadn't found a new red to take it's place so when I opened my package and saw this color of polish I was excited to try it!

CoverGirl Lipslicks
Anna said when they thought about discontinuing this lip gloss, she went out and STOCKED UP!  Well, she was right - this is a fun, sparkly gloss that just lightly tints your lips and feels soft, like lipstick yet has the ease factor of a chapstick.

Anna also sent a pumice stone, a fun pink glittered nail file and some sweet peanut butter treats!

Thanks Anna for all of the great beauty products!


If you'd like to participate in an upcoming Beauty Swap, be sure to follow www.crystalcattle.blogspot.com!


And the winner of last Friday's Bare Minerals Giveaway is....

Hillbilly Goddess!

Josie, send me an email at darcysexson@gmail.com with your address and I'll get your makeup in the mail!


  1. Darcy, I am so glad you signed up! I thought you and Anna would be a great fit. I hope you two girls get to meet in person one day. I am very intrigued by both of these hand creams you mentioned!

    1. I'm so glad I joined in the fun - looking forward to your next one! :)

  2. Where do you get either of the hand creams mentioned above...my hands are always dry!

    1. I buy the Jenna Hipp cream at Costco - it's available online there too. Not sure where you can buy the Lollia....our small town doesn't carry it so Amazon is about the only option.

  3. I will have to try this out... I am always looking for something for my dry hands!


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