The Power Dog.

Sweet Austin.

She's been with Clint longer than I have.

She's been a great cow dog, a traveling companion, and one of the best pets.

I think anyone who's judged for Clint on a livestock judging team probably has an "Austin" story.

Whether it was being smuggled into a hotel in a duffel bag, or traveling under the front bench seat in the 12 passenger van across the country to contests - she's been a dog many remember.

She quickly got the nickname "Powers" since so many called her Austin Powers, the Power Dog.

A few weeks ago, Austin went with me to a ranch where I was putting in CIDR's, and we got there a bit early, so we had our own little photo shoot for about two minutes before the rest of the crew arrived.


As you can tell, she was reeeaaaallll impressed.  :)

We just love this dog of ours.  She's getting up there in years now, and can't hear a dang thing, but she seems to be staying healthy so we're going to enjoy having her while we can.

Austin, you will always be our "Power Dog".


  1. Priceless, Darcy! Austin looks like she enjoyed the photo shoot too.


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