A few of my favorite things.

I was getting ready for work this morning, and while I was putting on my makeup and I thought to myself "I love this stuff so much, I could sell it."

Now obviously, I'm not leaving my day job any time soon - because I love it, work with great people, and it comes with awesome benefits - but it made me think.

What are the things I love so much, I could sell them?

Now the things below are just fun, frivolous items.  But right now I'd say they're all a few of my favorite things and if you know me, you know I'm cheap.  So if I'm willing to spend money on something, you can be sure it either

- Tastes good -
- Is of good quality -
- Is made well -
- Is a combination of the above -
Numero Uno on the list.....

 Diet Pepsi

Of course, right?  My love affair with Diet Pepsi (and all diet soda, really) is time tested.  I love the carbonation, the weight of an iced glass of Diet Coke in my hand, or the crack of a cold Diet Pepsi can at 9:04 am at my desk.  And I figure if I'm going to have a vice, drinking diet soda probably isn't the worst vice in the world to have.

 Callisto Tiara Wedges
I get soooooo many compliments on these shoes.  Sadly, they're sold out at Nordstrom (where I bought them) but you can see other fabulous shoes made by Callisto here.  I love how these shoes make me feel tall, but are super comfortable to wear all day long.  I take comfort seriously - it's not worth wearing a pair that isn't comfy, no matter how good they make you look.  But these shoes are so great, I ordered a second pair in putty (I had the black) when they went on final clearance.  I have to actually stop myself from wearing them every day.

Oh, who am I kidding....I wore these every day to work last week! 


Clint bought me a ring made by Amy last year for our anniversary, and I wear it almost every day.  It has our brand on it, but my friend Alecia has a ring made by her that has a large, flat square stone that is almost a dark pink/magenta/red that is gorgeous too.  Amy's work is beautiful, it's high quality, and I love knowing that a friend made the ring I cherish so much.


Bare Escentuals Makeup
Obviously, the thing that inspired this post needs to make the list, right?  I love this makeup, and it loves my skin.  I started wearing it in 2006 and haven't stopped - actually, it's the only brand of makeup you'll find in my bag.  Some of my favorite products are their foundation, Prime Time eye shadow primer, Well Rested eye brightener, Marvelous Moxie lipglosses, Pretty Amazing Lipcolor and the All Over Face Color in Warmth.


Jewel Kade Jewelry

Ok - so I love this so much, I actually DO sell it.  The jewelry is amazing, and there are still some great deals to be had in the JK Vault Clearance!  There are so many items right now that are $10 or less!  That is UNHEARD of for Jewel Kade items, so NOW is the time to try this brand out if you haven't fallen in love with it already.

I just bought the Uptown necklace featured above and can't wait for it to arrive.  I'm going to pair it with the Dream Bird charm that I already own, but if you love this combo, it's on sale too right now.   All of the amazing deals can be found here!


Pita Crackers
I go through cracker phases, but right now I love Keebler Town House Pita Oven Baked Crackers in Sea Salt.  I keep a little bag of these pita crackers on my desk, and snack on them throughout the morning.  I love them with sliced cheddar cheese on top, but since I'm trying to watch what I eat I cut that out of the routine, and now just stick to these.  They're filling, have a great crunch w/o being too hard on the teeth, and have just the right amount of salt.

Sonic Diet Limeades

I always reward myself with a Route 44 Diet Limeade after I go to Costco in the Tri-Cities.  After the hour or so it takes to get to the store, and the hour or so it takes to get through the store, usually after driving one of the behemoth orange carts that only the crazy people drive because I stock up on so much, I'm wiped.  And compared to the bill I get after checking out, the $2.69 I spend on an ice cold, refreshing drink that has less than 25 calories is like pennies in the bucket.
Plus - who can resist Sonic's ice?!?
So those are a few of my favorite things - and ones that I love so much, I could sell them.
Although I won't be quitting my day job anytime soon.  :)
Because I love it too.
Although sometimes after a day at the office, I wish we had a Sonic close by too.
So, tell me - What are some things you love so much you could sell them?
Leave a comment on this post answering the above, and I'll choose one random winner this Friday to receive a gift package with some of the items featured in today's post.
The winner will receive a brand new pair of Jewel Kade earrings, Bare Escentuals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss and my favorite Well Rested Trio!

**Update - Congratulations to Sarah, she's the winner!**
I'm excited to hear about some of your favorite things!

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  1. AnonymousJune 30, 2014

    Love all these things!

  2. I could sell Circle E Candles, Vanilla Bean Crème Brulee K cups from Archer Farms (Target), Hudson Jeans (eek, I wish they WOULD pay me to sell them because now that I'm a mom, I can't afford jeans that $$$), and I could have sold Benefit's Lady's Choice lipstick...but they discontinued it. I am down to my last tube (hoarder)...and I am in mourning. :) Great post!

    1. I've heard a lot about Circle E candles, but they don't sell them in our part of Eastern OR (we're pretty rural)....I'll need to jump online and check them out! :)

  3. Darcy,
    Favorite lists are fun ... what would I sell?

    I discovered Sweet Sunrise Roastery Chocolate Fudge Brownie Coffee. It makes my house smell so wonderful and tastes delightful.

    Shoes: Twisted X boat shoes, love for my feet.

    I love your ring! I will be checking out that site. Thanks for the tip.

    I have to brag about my Sister; she makes a little jewelry. Most of my jewelry is from her.

    Have a great Monday!

    1. Robyn - thanks for the recommendation on the boat shoes! I've been trying to find Clint a good pair of slip on, comfy shoes, so I will have to see if they have a men's version. He tried on the Ariat boat shoes yesterday, but they were too narrow for his feet. I bet your sister makes lovely jewelry - that is such a talent.

  4. I can't live without my Clinique Quickliner eyeliner, Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi, and my Dansko clogs!

    1. I hear Dansko's are super comfortable - hope your trip to the Wallowa's is going well!

  5. Love my Natural Ice chapstick, Keen flip flops, and Sperry Top sider shoes!! Makes me happy!

    1. I just ordered a pair of Sperry's for my husband....I'm tempted to buy a pair for myself too!

  6. I just started using BareMinerals in the springtime and love it! When we were in Rome, I actually hunted down a Sephora so I could buy some foundation. I actually did a whole blog post on this adventure! I also love a diet coke on ice, in one of my plastic walmart cups, with a colorful straw and a squeeze of lime during a warm day.

    1. So glad you found Bare Minerals! I'll have to try your lime in a Diet Coke. :)

  7. I cant live without Mary Kay eye makeup remover...last week I tried, and it was an epic daily makeup disaster. Andrea's right...she shouldn't sell MK eyeliner w.o the corresponding makeup remover!!

    1. Haha - I totally know what you mean. The mascara I've been wearing lately is the same way....if I don't have remover, I look like a raccoon in the morning!

  8. Wahoo!!! This is FUN!! I LOVED your list! I agree with the comfort of the wedges. I only wear comfy wedges and those definitely fit the bill! I used to have a small addiction with Diet Pepsi myself. You could have sold me a LOT! haha! Thanks so much for linking up!

    1. Thanks for hosting the link up! I look forward to it every month :)

  9. AnonymousJune 30, 2014

    Pampered chef is fantastic. Between field/animals/kids they make meals from scratch a breeze. The covered baker & rock crock are a couple favorites. Throw meat veggies in them just wash up fresh green salad & your set

  10. Cute post Darcy :) I can't live without my Benefit bronzer!

  11. So I was reading this (in the middle of the night) and laughed because I just know tomorrow I will walk around thinking, yea, I'd totally sell that! For now, I think I'd sell Old Navy yoga pants. I mean I am so into these when I walk out of my room in real pants my kids ask if they can go too, knowing I only wear real pants when I need to go in public! I'd also sell corn chips (Fritos, etc). Ever since early in my last pregnancy I have been obsessed with them. They make an all too often occurence in our meals now... Harry & David Royal Riviera pears! I was given some as a gift a few years back and now dream about the next time we will get some! And lastly Jane Austen inspired movies. Mostly Pride & Prejudice with Keira Nightly. I would love3 to say I've also read her book series and I'd actually sell that, but alas I have too many small boys for that right now. I'm laughing a little at the choices, food, stretchy pants and a sedentary activity... hmm. :)

  12. AnonymousJuly 01, 2014

    I just love jewelry, I wear something everyday. My go to item when dressing up a tee or updating an old outfit. I need to try bare minerals, its on my bday wish list. I'm also a diet coke lover.

  13. I love your list and am not the least but surprised the diet soda topped the list!

    Being down here in the heat, I can't live without fresh brewed iced tea (especially with Sonic ice which we buy by the bag!)

    In the beauty department, I am in love with a body scrub I made from a Pinterest recipe and I LOVE my Moroccan Oil hair products!! Best Stuff Ever!

  14. I'm loving all of the comments - there's a lot of similarities with everyone's {Favorite Things}! Keep commenting - and I'll pick the winner on Friday :)

  15. I love and could sell bath and body works Vanilla Bean Noel candles. Also, I love the Febreeze car air fresheners!!


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