A little bit of fun.

So while we enjoy the work that we do, and we wouldn't want any other lifestyle;

Ranching doesn't always leave a lot of extra time for {fun}.

There's usually fence to fix, cows to move, calves to ride through or doctor, phone calls to return, bills to pay, oil to change, or hay to feed.

Or in our case, cows to breed.

So after the first morning of breeding this past weekend, when we were faced with a totally open afternoon with nothing to do, before we bred the second group of cows the next morning....

We were treated to a lot of unexpected {fun}.

Fun doesn't have to be fancy.

Fun can be sitting in an ATV, visiting with friends, enjoying a cold drink as the sun goes down.

Fun can be a group of guys, driving through a set of cows with no agenda but to admire the cattle.

Fun is what you make it.

And sometimes fun is jumping in a lake on an early summer day.

Wyatt swore it wasn't cold....but I don't know about that... ;-)

Fun can be throwing hatchets, or checking out the zipline...

Fun is being able to take time and enjoy the scenery....

Or just embracing the beauty of this great life that we get to lead, and the experiences that come our way.

And on that afternoon, at the base of the Ochoco Mountains, I was so thankful for a needed afternoon of fun & relaxation.

Thanks Jason for giving us the break we all needed.  

We sure had fun!


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