AI'ing in Mitchell.

We bred for the Antone and Collin's ranches this weekend.

The ranches border each other, so we bred both groups of cows at the same facility both mornings.  The first day we had a bit of extra help, so while Morgan thawed for the first half of the morning, I got to walk around with my camera and capture the guys at work.  It was a nice way to start off the day. 

Before we got to breeding though....

Everyone had to GLOVE UP!

 Ha ha.

No, but really, everyone does glove up.

No one wants poopy hands and arms while they're breeding....

Then the guys brought the cows that had been sorted from their calves to the Bud Box, and up the alleyway to the breeding barn.

These ladies were excited to get to the breeding barn!  ;-)

 Garrett helped capture numbers and open the alley gate, and then the guys got to business breeding cows.  Morgan thawed while RJ, Clint and Wyatt bred.

The cows worked so good through the box & alleyway.  The Collin's ranch has a stationary Daniels alleyway, and had brought over their Daniels palpation gate which the guys added between our portable alleyway and barn.  The extra length it gave the cows really helped prevent pile ups by the end of the morning the guys were trying to figure out how to buy one for ourselves and incorporate it into our set up and make it portable still.

A little more than halfway through, Wyatt swapped out from breeding to take pictures, Morgan gloved up, and I stepped into the office to breed.

By 10:00 we were done, had taken the crew picture and then the guys headed out on the four-wheelers with the dogs to drive the first day's worth of cows back towards the Collin's Ranch.

After we were finished cleaning up, and moving cows we had a wonderful lunch before Jason took us on a tour of the ranch.

Saying we had a bit of fun that afternoon is probably an understatement.....

But more on that later this week.  



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