Breeding at the GI Ranch.


A few hours south of where we live, lies the GI Ranch near Paulina, Oregon.
We spent last weekend there, breeding their replacement heifers.
It was a Genex Chuteside Service project that Mike and Morgan have put together.  Clint, RJ and Jace helped out last year but I had to work, so this was my first year at the GI.   This was also the first AI project that Gina, one of the two Genex summer interns, was here for. 

We arrived to the ranch late Friday night, and set up the boxes we had brought along.  Clint and I each took down a box this year; he took our double and I brought our single.  Our Daniels alleyway was already there, since we'd just bred at the Antone Ranch a few weeks earlier and they're only 30 miles away.  Morgan and Andy also brought a double and a single as well since there were quite a few heifers to breed.  Once we had one side of the lineup set up, we headed to the bunkhouse to sleep for a bit.  We were up again bright and early Saturday morning to sort heifers, and begin breeding all of the heifers who had shown heat. 

While Miles, Morgan, Devon & Cathy sorted heifers, the rest of us put together the rest of the AI boxes so that the set up would be complete and ready to begin breeding heifers. 
Everything in our set up is portable so the crew is pretty quick with putting things together, but since every place we breed at is a bit different, sometimes you have to make tweaks to the "normal" set up so that cattle flow easily.  Since we were also dealing with such a large number of head to breed, the faster and more efficient we could make cattle come to the AI boxes, the better it would be.

Then we went to work breeding heifers.  Andy, Mike, Gina and I bred in one box, and Clint, Morgan, Adrienne and Devon bred in another box.  Miles and Cathy brought heifers to the Bud box & alleyway and within about 4 hours we had a little over 550 head bred.

- 2014 GI Ranch AI Crew -
Darcy, Gina, Cathy, Devon, Morgan, Clint, Andy, Adrienne, Miles & Mike
Once we were done, we took our crew picture and then were able to take a break for a few hours before we bred the heifers that we had given GnRH to earlier in the day.
I may have taken a nap.

Oh who am I kidding- I took an awesome nap in the front seat of my pickup.
After the rest of the heifers were bred that evening, we tore down the AI boxes and packed up the alleyway.  Our original plan had been to head straight home that evening since we had to get things ready for the Umatilla Cattlemen's BBQ the next morning, but we didn't get done until close to 9:00 pm and I was low on fuel.  In that part of Oregon, gas stations aren't open very late, so we just stayed at the bunkhouse an extra night and then set off early the next morning.

It was another successful Genex Chuteside Service and we were happy to be able to help.
Success is reason enough.


  1. Miss Darcy,
    Looks like you had fun at the Jackpot and a good go at the GI Ranch. Glad to hear you "feel like a new woman." We all need to rejuvenate once in a while.

    I'm still thinking about over 550 heifers bred in 4 hours. What an amazing crew to work with! You can't help but be excited that you are part of a great working team and helping ranchers make genetic progress to better the beef industry.


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