Jewel Kade Party!

I've been a Jewel Kade "stylist" for a little over a year now, but haven't ever really shouted it from the roof tops.

Breeding cows and other ranch life takes priority, and there just hasn't been a lot of free time to "party".  I love the jewelry and have ordered lots of things for myself, and gifts for others, but otherwise I haven't really shared the JK love much.


Jewel Kade just unveiled their new website and it is SUPER easy & quick to use, and host online parties with!

So that gave me the jump start to host my first party.

And it's online.  An even better fit for me.

And maybe for you too?

Feel free to browse at your leisure - using this special link - at all of the one of a kind items JK offers.  I hope you don't feel pressured to buy (there's certainly no pressure from me) but I wanted to share the jewelry that I think;

- Is beautiful -


- Stands up to my lifestyle, which means it is made with quality -

Seriously, you know it's quality jewelry if it can withstand calving seasons and breeding seasons and other ranching seasons.  :)

Also - Jewel Kade offers custom designed canvases that are so personal.

Click on the "JK Studio" to get started designing your own canvas. I promise you - it could not be easier to make a timeless piece that you'll cherish for years! 

{Now for the GIVEAWAY!}

For those who do make a purchase in this online party by next Friday, I'll enter you into a drawing to win the awesome (and highly coveted, since it's now retired) Enchanted bracelet!

But you have a chance for it to be yours!

Just link to the party here, place an order, and I'll enter you into the drawing.

The party will close next Friday, June 13th at noon, and I'll announce the winner in next week's "5 on Friday" post.

If you love this bracelet and don't want to risk not winning is on FLASH SALE here.  They're first come, first serve - so if you want it, you should hurry!  If you buy it, I'll still enter you in the drawing....then you'll have one to keep, and one to giveaway as a gift if you win!

These are now sold out - sorry!  But you can still be entered to win one for yourself!


One of the pieces I wear most often is my Jack Tag that says "Ranch Wife".  You can customize this necklace with up to 8 characters on the first line, and 7 on the second.  I also added a crystal drop to mine to give it a little more bling.  

How fun would this be for a graduation present?

I wear this all of the time on it's own.  Since it's a mixture of metals, I can pair it with a variety of jewelry, and then I usually wear stacked mixed & matched silver and gold bracelets with it.  

I wear these two charms all of the time, but Jewel Kade has a great selection of custom charms that fit a lot of different personalities and lifestyles. 

You can even make a photo into a charm!

And a few items I don't own, but would love to!

Daybreak Necklace in Yellow Jade or Indian Jade

These necklaces are so pretty.  However, I can't give myself permission to own either of them because I am a Beaver's fan. 

And OSU fans don't wear green or yellow.  LOL. 

However if you don't have odd school spirit issues like I do, then you should order these!  :)

Everyone seems to be sporting stone drop earrings this year, and these are neutral enough to go with everything, yet bold enough to make a statement!

 Imperial Bracelets in Champagne & Clear

How gorgeous are these!

They're so current, yet so timeless.  I can see the champagne stacked with other gold & coral bracelets, and the clear stacked with a fun turquoise beaded bracelet! 

There are so many fun items, it's hard to choose!


Any of the linked items above will take you to the party as well.

The giveaway for the Enchanted bracelet will be announced next Friday!

Again, there's no pressure to order but if you have questions, send me an email at

I'd be happy to help!

PS - If you want to host your OWN online party and earn host rewards; June is the month to do it since host rewards are DOUBLED!  Contact me for more info and we'll get you set up to party!


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