Our yard - a work in progress.

So the original plans of going to Wallowa this weekend didn't happen....well, at least I didn't go.

 Clint did go up on Sunday to fence out a piece for the heifers.  I wanted to go to Lindsay's 29th annual birthday party and the guys didn't think they'd be home in time so I stayed home while they went. 

Instead, I stayed home and paid some MUCH needed attention to our yard.  

I weeded, mowed, planted flowers, leveled, and filled in holes before heading inside to work on some projects there. 

Most people start working in their yard in April or early May, but since that's when we start breeding cows, the yardwork at home takes a back seat until the breeding season has slowed down.  I'm lucky if I have a chance to mow the yard once or twice in May, and this year I didn't start the sprinklers until it was almost too late.  So after a weekend of work in the yard, it's still not beautiful by any means, but it is in much better shape!

This winter, when we were building the sale barn, we had to bury an electrical line that had previously brought power to the house and other outbuildings.  That meant the guys had to dig a big trench across our driveway and yard and dig a big hole right at the foundation of our house to bury the conduit.  While it was needed, it left a big 'ole mess in the front of our yard, and I'd kind of been ignoring it.

You can see the power pole in the picture above, and I laid out drip hoses to help keep the new grass seed wet.

We had partially filled in the trench in this spring before the bull sale, but we'd used a cat to do it since that's what piece of equipment was close by and handy.  Our skidsteer is still on the other side of the freeway, so I went to work with a shovel & a wheelbarrow Saturday and leveled the dirt and filled in the trench by hand.

I think my body needs more manual labor because I am still SORE!

Once I got the dirt around the trench pretty level with the rest of the lawn (it's still not perfect, but it is what it is) I laid down grass seed and went to work watering it.  Hopefully my black thumb with plants won't transfer to the lawn and I'll be able to get some grass established.

Then I went to work on the flower beds and pots. 

This long old feed bunk usually sits alongside our house, but we had to move it out of the way so they could trench the electrical, and I'm just waiting for the skidsteer to come back home so that I can move it up alongside the house.  But until then, it's hanging out next to the driveway.  I planted succulents, basil, oregano, rosemary from seed and a few annuals.  I usually have good luck with my rosemary coming back each year, but I think the freeze in December killed what I had, so new seeds went in this weekend.

The rest of the flower pots are just planted to a few annuals, and then marigold and nasturtium seeds - I can usually make those grow!  They look pretty sparse now, but in a few weeks I think they'll look pretty decent.

I don't know what these flowering bushes are called, but they love the front side of the house, and I love them.  They're very hardy, don't need to be babied a lot with water, multiple well, and have pretty pink blooms in the summer months and into the early fall.

There's still lots to do - I need to spray (once we have a wind free evening....not sure when that will happen) and work on the rock wall on the front lawn.  The ranch just finished putting in a septic tank for the sale barn in the front part of our yard and we didn't know how much of the retaining rock wall it was going to take out so I haven't done anything with that this year yet besides weed it.  I also need to sometime tackle the back yard....but I keep putting it off!  

Part of the back yard used to be fenced off from the yard and grazed by horses before we moved in, and now it's just turned into a weedy mess.  The trees that were planted have died and fallen over in a wind storm.  I need to haul them off and I'm half tempted to light a match to the cheat grass and foxtails....but that'll probably get me in trouble, lol.  ;)

I really am considering mowing it all, laying down plastic and covering the whole side yard with rock or heavy mulch.   If you have any good suggestions, I'm all ears.

So while my yard is a work in progress, I enjoyed being outside this weekend and getting some things done.  It's the little things in life, and I enjoyed getting a few things checked off of the "to do" list.

Success is reason enough.

I'm linking up today with the "Come On In!" series at www.momfessionals.com.

Be sure to check it out and see what everyone else is doing with their yards. 



  1. Wow! Great work. That's a lot in a weekend by your lonesome. Drip hoses are amazing.

  2. I find I can get so much done when J is off the yard. The interruptions are fewer, lol! I weeded flower beds this morning. J's Mom has several beds, since she is in town J and I try to water and keep the beds nice. It felt good to get my hands dirty this morning.

    My yard is a mess too ... kocia weeds, dandelions, cactus and patches of bare where nothing wants to grow. It looks nice after I mow, but not a pretty yard my any means. So goes life.

    I really like your wooden feed bunks as planters idea. Rustic and fun!

  3. We have a rocked area over weed barrier and it is amazing how much dirt will collect in the rocks and harbor cheatgrass seeds! If I did it over, I would opt for a perennial pollinator garden. No fuss except cutting it back in the fall!

  4. Thanks Kellie for this comment! I need to give it some thought (on how to implement) but I hadn't ever thought of doing that....and you make a good point about dirt collecting in the barrier. Thanks!


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