Some Sunday Randomness.

I feel like a new woman.
I said that last weekend too.  It'd been a long weekend of breeding heifers, and the crew had just gotten back to the bunkhouse at the GI, where we each had a chance to get a hot shower that washed off a day's worth of dust and grime.    
But after sleeping in this morning after a weekend at the PI, and getting to relax at home and get caught up on some chores - I mean it again. 
I feel like a new woman.


The PI show went great - I think it was the most efficiently run PI's that I've helped with, and our entry numbers were the highest they've ever been. 
We have a great group of people who volunteer their time to help make this show one of the premier jackpots in the Pacific NW.  We know our work isn't done - there is always something to improve, and we've identified things to tweak for next year - but I'm proud of what was accomplished these past three days in Prineville.
 I'm working on editing all of the 1,769 pictures I took - but until then, the above are a few of my favorites.
The rest of last week went well too.  Clint and I celebrated our anniversary Wednesday night at Echo's Wheat & Barley Pub.  Clint and I love to eat at this restaurant, and Gina came along with us to celebrate. 

Who's Gina?  Well, she's one of the Genex interns and she's staying with us for a few weeks.  Genex and Double M partnered on a summer intern, so after spending a few weeks at breeding projects in the Dakota's, Gina headed to Oregon.  She went with me to the PI to help but we had to stop in Sherman County and get a few pictures with Mt. Hood and one of the many wheat fields that make up this part of the state before we continued on to Prineville. 

So today, I'm feeling rested.  Content.  Relaxed.
All good things to start a new week.
I'm going to spend the day getting caught up at home, and then working on a few posts from this past week.  I hope your weekend is going well too - and that you're right where you need to be.
Happy Sunday friends.


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