5 on Friday.

1. Harvest

Harvest is in full swing here in Eastern Oregon!  Hay fields are down and combines have been rolling through wheat and canola fields.

Eastern Oregon was pretty dry this year, and didn't receive as much rain as we normally do, so yields are expectedly lower than normal.  We've also had a lot of fires - yuck.  Hopefully the winds and hot temperatures will die down, and farmers can get their crops in without too many more problems.

2. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
I never really shopped at Nordstrom until I started following Sheaffer's blog at Pinterest Told Me To.  Once I started following though, I feel like probably 50% of my shopping is done at Nordstrom - it's easy to shop from home, they offer free shipping & free returns on all items (no minimum orders!) and the quality can't be beat.  But I'm still cheap, and will usually only buy an item if it is on sale.  While I normally just shop their clearance, every year they have their Anniversary Sale where they offer fall & winter items at sale prices for a limited amount of time.  When the sale is over, everything goes back to normal prices.  Today's the day that everyone got access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but card holders have had access since June 10.  I have a debit card through Nordstrom (all of the benefits, without having to have a credit card) and started shopping early!
I have to brag - I took this sale as an opportunity to get some early Christmas shopping done!  It feels so good to have a good chunk of my shopping done in July!  I took a risk, and got many of the women in our family the same item - here's hoping they'll love it!  I don't want to spill the beans tooo much.....but I may have even gotten a shout out on Sheaffer's blog for my Christmas shopping prowess.  ;)

Some of my favorite finds are below (minus my Christmas gifts!).  
You have until August 3 to score some major deals!

Biosana Swiss Foot File - $13.90

This foot file is LIFE CHANGING.  I repeat....life changing.  Let me just tell you - I have terrible cracked heels, and have tried almost everything.  Creams, pumice stones, scrubs, files, metal graters.....nothing's really helped until I started using this file last week.  It is a game changer.  I love it so much, I want to order one for all of my friends - but I think that might be a little weird.  So just order one for yourself.  I promise, you'll love it.  And you'll want to order one for all of your friends!  It's a file I'd pay full price for - and that's saying something.

 I really, really, really want to buy these shoes.  But for some reason, I just can't commit.  Actually - I know the reason - my heart is yelling/screaming


But my head is saying

"Dearest Darcy, you own quite enough shoes already, you certainly don't need to buy another cute pair of leopard print loafers that will go with everything  you own..."

Gaaahhhhh....what do I do?

The heart won....I bought the shoes as I was typing this post and they're are on their way to me right now!

Pleione Shirts - $29.90 and $37.90

I have five Pleione shirts that I wear all of the time for work, so it was a no brainer to stock up with a few more while they're on sale.  I have the Split Neck Blouse in a dark dusty blue, so I bought the same shirt in this fun magenta/purple color last week and love it.  It'll look so nice paired with jeans, my cognac boots and leather jacket this fall.  I also bought a Mixed Media Tunic today - hopefully it will be long enough to cover my bum so that I can wear it with leggings or skinny jeans.

Hue Ultra Wide Waistband Leggings - $23.90

Speaking of leggings - I ordered a pair of Hue leggings to see if they would look halfway decent on me.  I've only read awesome reviews about these leggings, but we'll see what they look like when they get here.  I'm hoping for the best - but also realize that I'm not a size 0 and they may just not end up working out.  That's where Nordstrom's free return policy comes in so handy!

Shop the entire Nordstrom Anniversary Sale here - and remember, it's free shipping, free returns on everything (no minimums) so you really don't have anything to lose!

3. The Sale Barn Doors

I've been meaning to stain the Double M Sale Barn doors for awhile, but just haven't had a large chunk of time to get it done....but today I did!  Normally this is the Friday I work, but since Chief Joseph Days is next week and so many from my office will be gone, I switched my Friday off and had a chance to get these stained!

I hadn't ever stained anything before, so I did some research before I bought.  Because when you haven't ever stained anything, isn't the first thing you stain an item on a building that cost more than you make in a whole year?!?  Luckily - everything turned out just fine.  I used Behr's Premium Wood Coating Transparent Weather Proofing All-in-One Wood Finish.  It was the most expensive stain at Home Depot - $34 for a gallon - but after applying I think it was money well spent.  The stain went on easily, the gallon covered all three of the 8'x10' doors and I don't think I'll have to reapply.  That's worth something right there.


  In the picture the top hasn't been stained, but the bottom has.


I think they turned out really good - oh, and it's totally worth it to buy the $10 paint kit at Home Depot.  It has a good quality paint brush, two rollers, a paint tin and a can opener.  And since it's $10, I didn't feel an ounce of guilt for throwing it all away when I was done.  Cleaning paint brushes ranks on the list of one of my least favorite things to do, so this way I just don't have to.

4.  Wedding Shower Recipe

I'm headed to a bridal shower tonight, and we are supposed to bring a recipe for the bride.  I choose to include a version of this recipe from PW.  I tweak my casserole just a bit from how PW prepares it, and hopefully will share it soon on the blog.

5. Summer Sizzle

The 2014 Summer Sizzle Jackpot is this weekend in Connell, WA.  Clint's judged it the past two years and I took photos when he did, so they asked me to come up again this year even though he's not judging.  I have a hard time saying no to taking photos of hardworking kids, leading quality cattle so I'm looking forward to it this weekend!

Plus, it's in the shade and there'll be fans running - you can't beat that scenario in 100+ degree heat!


 I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Keep living the dream!


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