And the cattlemen came.

Washington Cattlemen's Association
Oregon Cattlemen's Association

2014 Mid-Year Conference & Tradeshow

Friday morning's session

- Friday's lunch was sponsored by the Oregon Beef Council -

Lots of great people at this table!

These two made a lot happen {behind the scenes}.

The Let 'Er Buck Room was packed with cattlemen and women!

Lots of great laughter and conversation at our table at dinner.

Nick Nelson helped auction off items to support various PAC's, funds and scholarships.

Brewers Grade provided the entertainment for Friday evening

Eeek!  My hair is looking AWESOME (not!) in this pic - but I can't resist posting a picture of my handsome husband.  We really had a nice time together this weekend.

After Friday's prime rib dinner - outside the World Famous Let 'Er Buck Room!

Starbucks is the BEST way to start a Saturday morning meeting! :)

- Saturday morning's speakers -

Saturday morning's OCA working session
The Oregon & Washington Cattlemen's Association hosted their Mid-Year Meeting this past weekend in Pendleton, Oregon.
I thought the meetings were really well attended.  This is normally a "working meeting" for the OCA, so you don't get quite the attendance as an annual meeting.  Two years ago, the Washington and Oregon Cattlemens Associations decided to hold their mid-year meeting jointly in Pendleton, and it went so well that they utilized the same concept for this year.

Clint is the Umatilla County Cattlemen's Association President this year, and since we were the hosting county, he was there Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  I dropped by for the speaker and lunch on Friday, and then back for Friday dinner and the meetings on Saturday.  There were over 110 people at dinner on Friday in the Let 'Er Buck room and everyone enjoyed a delicious prime rib dinner with drinks and dancing!

I so enjoyed the chance to visit with various cattle ranchers from around the state.  There's a lot of wisdom and experience at these meetings, and it was nice to sit back and listen to the comments and ideas that were proposed and hear other's visions.  But also - the group that was there was really fun - and if we had a chance to crack a joke, or laugh - it was taken! 

That's the best kind of meeting in my book.  :)


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