Baby, it's hot outside.

You know what this weekend was?
Like the picture below wasn't even the high of the day.

But we had stuff to do, so we braved the temperatures and got stuff done.  And we drank a LOT of liquids.
This Saturday was the 2014 Umatilla Co. Cattlemen's Desert Classic Jackpot Show, so we got an early start while it was still (kind of) cool Friday morning and set up the ring.
We were just about done setting up the panels for the ring when the sprinklers came on!  Haha, normally the guys wouldn't love getting soaking wet - but it was so hot, and they were so close to being done that they just kept going.

Since the sprinklers came on at the same time on Friday that the show was supposed to start on Saturday, the guys stopped by the fair office and asked them to make sure they were off for the show. 
For those who show cattle; can you imagine how frustrating it'd be to be in the ring with a fitted steer or heifer just to have them get soaked?  And how amusing it might be for the onlookers to watch from the sidelines?  ;)
Saturday went well, and the kids did a great job with their steers & heifers.

Although when it was 104* Saturday at noon and the kids had been showing all morning, I bet they probably would have welcomed the sprinklers then.  :)
I ran to Tri-Cities after the jackpot was done to run a few errands, and when I got back we headed to Mission to breed a few cows.  Since there were just a handful, Clint just bred everything in the portable chute and then we time bred the rest of the group on Sunday morning.
 We ran up to Helix on Sunday morning in between breeding cattle, and spent a few hours with the Raymond's.  While Clint and Ryan talked about working facilities, Amy and the boys and I visited, before Pace & Colter took me out for a ride on the gator.  The farm was harvesting canola right next to a wheat field.  I had never seen canola being harvested so it was fun to snap a few pictures.

The rest of the weekend was spent watering the lawn & flowers, changing water and enjoying the sunrises and sunsets - we sure had some pretty ones this weekend!

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

What's the weather like where you are?


  1. Windows are open and its 65 outside. Going to in the low 50's tonight. Weird weird weather!


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