Five on Friday.

1. Working this Friday, and also next.

I switched my Friday last week at work with another, so this week was my first of two {full} weeks, Monday thru Friday, at the office.

It's a good way to remember to be thankful for the schedule I have, during the weeks that I don't.

2. Life at the ranch.

July is what I call our {vacation} month.  There are no cows to calve, heifers to AI, or calves to wean.  Life on the ranch doesn't stop, but it does allow for a certain slowing and for the ability to have days away without the requirement of someone to stay in our place.  

And so I've been enjoying lazy weekend wakeups, sprinkling water on flower beds in the evening, saying hello to Twist & Pistol as I tag along with Clint to change water and early evenings to bed.

3. Some {new} favorite blogs.

I've stumbled across some new blogs that I've added to my reader this past season.

Perhaps you'd like to visit them too?

4. Pool party.

I spent a fun evening at Hat Rock, at Cidney & Cameron's pool party last night.  Clint was judging a cattle show in Eugene, so he wasn't there...but he was missed. Friends visited while kiddo's slashed and dived and cannonballed and played in the pool.  It was a fun and relaxing evening - and I'm thankful that this sweet family asks us to be involved in their lives.

Fun pictures to come in a post next week....

5. A weekend in the Wallowa's.

'Tis the season.

We're headed to Joseph to check heifers, drive along back roads and look at grass.  Rumor has it, we may even get to see friends and a performance at Chief Joseph Days.


I hope wherever your weekend winds, that it lets you live the dream!


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